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The Unique World of Apple Phones

The unrivalled superiority of Apple Phones in the world of smartphones cannot be challenged. For number of reasons, it has so far managed to contain the top-notch position. The popularity of iPhones can be calculated by the sheer features it offers to diverse public. Moreover, the universal appeal it has and the way it connects different people is simply astonishing. Not only the global online shopping communities like amazon, ebay and Kaymu etc. large collections of apple mobiles but local online shopping centres like wasi also have a nice collection of iPhones. Those who never had the chance of using iPhones must wonder what it that sets it apart from all other mobile phones is. Following are some of the finest apps and features that one gets to enjoy in Apple’s latest mobile phones.



Since many of the people today irrespective of their profession and lifestyles dwell in smartphone’s world, how often do we get to see some detailed-oriented and profession specific software? Not much really. Apple has done a brilliant job regarding this by creating a software ResearchKit that has been specifically designed for medical research. The design and framework of this software allows medical student to create apps for themselves that makes their tasks easy. Imagine the connectivity one gets to the millions of people throughout the world and thereby sharing and enabling each other with useful data.

This ResearchKit therefore becomes a source data production and sharing, which you can use to measure and assess your diet & exercise plans etc. Many of the leading medical institutions around the world are using this opportunity and have created several useful apps. Some of them are: Asthma, Diabetes & Breast Cancer etc.

Apple Pay

Yet another revolutionary feature in iPhone today we see is its Apple Pay feature. No more hassle of carrying your wallets or credit cards around. The facility of Near Field Antenna has made things easier. By simply adding the credit and debit card’s security code to your Passbook, it will take all the further actions by itself.


Furthermore, if you’re afraid of it being stolen or used as felony then iPhone has enough done to stave off your doubts as well. If you’re concerned about your iPhone or iPad, you can immediately go to Find My iPhone and put it on Lost Mode which switches all the functions off.

The Aluminium Chassis

Though it doesn’t need to be mentioned but apple phones have always retained a perfect outlook of their own. Take the new iPhone 6 Plus, which alongside the big screen is still one of the thinnest as well. The aluminium body gives it that perfect flare of a smartphone. The iPhone 6 Plus is Available in silver, gold, and space gray, with an A8 chip, Touch ID, faster LTE wireless, a new 8MP iSight camera with Focus Pixels, and iOS 8.

In this modern age, all of these features makes it a must-have phone.