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Understanding The Dental Health Decline In America

The American healthcare system has done through a major renovation within the past few years. More and more Americans are now able to gain access to reliable, affordable insurance, but there is still one area, which is lacking. Unfortunately, few Americans put in a sufficient amount of time and effort for their oral health. This results in major problems, including the potential for disease, suffering and expensive procedures in the near future. What is holding Americans back from better caring for their teeth and gums?

Uninsured Or Underinsured

Despite the recent changes regarding insurance in America, millions of Americans still remain uninsured. Those that have managed to gain insurance are still underinsured. Both increase the likelihood that consumers will be unable to acquire the appropriate dental care from a reliable professional.


On the other hand, there are many Americans, who are simply unaware of the dangers of neglecting their oral health. Recent polls have concluded that approximately 60% of Americas knew very little about gum disease. In fact, 75% of American adults are unaware of the fact that they current suffer from some form of gum disease! Further education is truly a necessity and could encourage Americans to better care for their teeth and gums.

Anxiety And Fear

Many are simply frightful of the dentist. The sheer thought of visiting the dentist is enough to give many Americans a case of the tremors. This is something that is wholeheartedly understood by Smiles Of Chandler. The group believes that consulting with the dentist ahead of time will give consumers the ability to alleviate their concerns and acquire the dentistry that is required.

Too Busy

America is truly the country that never sleeps. Those that reside within the country acquire very little sleep and tend to operate on hectic schedules. This can make them feel as though they do not have the time or energy to visit their doctor. Taking the time from your day to visit a dentist, as unrealistic as it might seem, is pertinent! Never put off a dentist visit or your problems will only escalate.