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Understanding the uses of bulk SMS

Bulk SMS technology is gaining popularity amongst business circuit with every passing day, a lot many small and business enterprises have started relying on this marketing tool. This tool serves a business house in every aspect and the main advantage for which it has been appreciated all over because it is a value for money option for business promotion. Let us understand the term and how it can be used optimally:

Bulk messages can be of two different types:

  1. Bulk text SMS
  2. Bulk voice SMS

As the names are self explanatory so without adding much detail to it, let’s proceed with their applications or utilities and how effective they can turn out to be in given situations and requirements.


There can be many purposes to use this service as it fits in almost every situation and fulfill the needs. Few examples as to why and where this service can be fruitful are:

  1. Branding: An enterprise can choose this option for purely branding purpose. After making tie-up with some SMS gateway India, the company can send bulk SMS either to a new segment of prospective customers or to already existing customers on repetitive trend for constant hammering, to have top of mind recall of the brand. For e.g. different players from FMCG industry and other consumer brands which may or may not be used in daily routine.
  2. Business alerts and reminders: This service can be used for sending various alerts also known as transactional SMS’s to different people who already are existing clients, to keep them updated about their recent transactions or dealing with the company. These messages also act as a reminder for the existing customers to inform them about the company’s upcoming products or services in the near future.
  3. Immediate Publicity: Various business houses or even individuals now, use this tool to share time bound information with both the customers (new or existing) for different objectives. For e.g. some company is coming up with some event or exhibition in some area, so the company can use this service to publicize about the same in that specific area, in the short span of time.  This exercise can be used for one time also, almost every SMS gateway India provides this flexibility to its users.
  4. Non-commercial purposes: Yes, you have read it right, for non-commercial purposes too this service can be utilized and fulfills the similar purpose of sharing the information. Any individual can opt this service, if someone is going to have a function, party, marriage or even at the time elections wherein a large number of people are to be invited. Bulk messages can do the trick here too, whether it’s bulk text SMS or personalized bulk voice SMS.

The best part about this service is, despite being on an informal platform it is considered to be one of the formal modes of communication. Hence it is also used to share professional gestures by the companies in the form of a personalized message.