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Twitter buys social TV analytics company BlueFin Labs

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Twitter buys TV analytics company

Twitter has reportedly acquired BlueFin Labs, which generates social TV analytics, in a deal which is said to be the social-networking giant’s biggest-ever.

According to Business Insider, Twitter has closed a deal to buy BlueFin, a company that specializes in helping media companies understand how people use social media in conjunction with their TV watching.

As Business Insider wrote, “Twitter’s move into social TV makes a lot of sense. It hired a Head of TV last fall and there’s a strong correlation between people watching shows and tweeting about them. Just look at last night’s Super Bowl. With the help of a lengthy blackout, it was the most social event to ever air.”

On its Web site, BlueFin is currently advertising its report on last night’s Super Bowl. “On advertising’s biggest day, which commercials succeeded in driving the social conversation and which fizzled? Our detailed report analyzes social chatter for Super Bowl spots: the winners, losers…and why.”

Certainly, having the inside scoop on such information would help Twitter as it attempts to become more of a media company, and as it tries to bolster its advertising revenue by working hand-in-hand with brands and with TV networks. BlueFin has aimed to become a leader in the space by offering top-tier analysis of how “brands, agencies, and TV networks can tap into viewer commentary about shows and commercials to power insights, ad sales, and media buys.”

Neither Twitter nor Blue Fin Labs immediately responded to requests for comment by CNET.