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Tweetdeck revamps its Tweet Panel

Tweetdeck revamps its Tweet Panel

Tweetdeck fans are up for a treat with a new update. The Twitter-owned application has revamped the New Tweet panel to make it simple and easy to use. The update has been rolled out for Web and Chrome versions of the application, with Mac and Windows versions of Tweetdeck getting this new composer soon.

Here's the New Tweet experience

Here’s the New Tweet experience

This dedicated New Tweet panel can be kept open at all times – a great touch for power users of the widely used third-party application. The panel is docked on the sidebar on the left and is also accessible when you want to reply to a tweet as well. You will still be able to use the rest of the application using keyboard shortcuts or by scrolling down.

If you have more than one Twitter accounts logged on in Tweetdeck, you will easily be able to switch between accounts by highlighting avatars on the top row of this new composer. This new composer will also let you send a Direct Message to your friends, schedule a tweet and attach images to send along with your tweet. The best bit is that you will now be able to preview a thumbnail of the image you’re trying to upload, within the composer itself.

Image preview is now available on Tweetdeck

Image preview is now available on Tweetdeck

Say, you’re replying to a tweet that has multiple participants. Instead of having to copy paste all usernames into the compose panel, once you hit reply on the tweet, you will be able to choose the participants you would like to mention in your reply. You will now also be able to search for usernames across Twitter instead of settling for ones you’ve recently searched for. Of course, hashtags and people you follow will be the first results in the compose box.

Finally, Tweetdeck will now shorten your links to 22 characters and will show the entire URL in place of a link, so you know exactly which link you’re tweeting out, instead of causing you embarrassment for posting a wrong link.


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