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TunesGo Review –Music Downloader for the 21st Century

Before we talk about anything, I want to ask you a simple question.

What’s your music routine? I mean, what do you do to download and play music?

If you’re like others, you probably get your music from a cheap site who shows you dozens of ads and scores of popups before you can actually get your poor quality music file. You then play it with your default Windows Media Player or sometimes, VLC, both of them with a boring UI.

It might hurt you, but I must say: “You’re living in the previous century!”

I mean it. These things came into origin years back, and people have stuck to it since quite long. The reason? Just because they work like normal and the crowd is not efficient enough to adapt to changes. That’s pretty much human psychology! But, logically speaking, don’t you think it’s time for us to change?

I mean, don’t you think that we need a music downloader that can get us quality music while being bundled with tons of features? Fortunately, something like that now exists, and it is called TunesGo from the house of WonderShare.

Reasons Why TunesGo Doesn’t (And Won’t) Suck in the 21st Century


TunesGo is basically a music downloader and player that comes with some features that do not exist in its previous generation counterparts. Here are some features of TunesGo that you should know:

1. YouTube is your source, baby!

You will definitely agree with the fact that YouTube is far by the #1 source of music. You will find almost every song on the earth with more quality options than any other site. TunesGo is smart enough to rely on YouTube for its content stream. You can download any YouTube video as a music file via TunesGo.


You’re not limited to videos. You’re allowed to download YouTube playlists and even entire channels. This is very useful especially when you find an artist whom you love and want to download all of his songs. It’s very tedious to download each and every song manually, isn’t it? TunesGo understands your problem and is smart enough to solve it in seconds.

2. Who on earth said that it’s just YouTube?

Even if you want songs from sources other than YouTube, TunesGo can be of great help. TunesGo supports over 1000 popular websites for downloading music and the list is growing at a tremendous rate. The team is trying hard to support a variety of websites to provide an awesome user experience.

3. There’s another way out too if nothing works!

Don’t worry at all if you encounter problems while downloading from a strange looking website. TunesGo has an inbuilt recorder feature that can record songs from any source. You can record from any source by just pressing the big red record button. Besides, you can even record music from an external speaker or source. Isn’t that pure awesomeness?


4. Forget your old music player

Players such as VLC, Winamp and Windows Media Player have done a pretty decent job by playing your beats in tune. But, they are lacking the major element – User Interface. If you’re like me who prefers to adjust with and hunt for some change, you would have already been bored with their boring looks. With TunesGo, you get an awesome user interface for playing songs. Besides, you can bulk add songs, add folders, create playlists etc. into the software.


I took some time to listen to my favorite music on this app – I was just extremely gladdened! The UI is so appealing, accessing music so simple, and the sound quality is just too great. It seems as if I am utilizing my PC’s hardware at its best!

5. Transfer is blazing fast and simple

With TunesGo, you can even forget your File Explorer. Transfer music seamlessly from any Android/iOS smartphone easily through the software itself! Besides, you can delete duplicate music files from your smartphone. In case your music file isn’t supported by your device, you can convert it to a suitable format through the app itself! Likewise, you can transfer music to and fro your iTunes library, which is hardly functional in its competitors. Last, but not the least, there’s a backup option to preserve your favourite music files.

clip_image0096. Download music/mp3 playlist: You can download and share music from . This my favorite feature because I am a big lover of music especially the MP3.


TunesGo is available for a free trial. Therefore, you can always try before you buy! The plans start from as low as $39.95, which is absolutely nothing compared to the experience you’re getting. “It’s not just about the product, it’s about the experience you’re getting!” Below is the entire pricing model:


In case you run a business and are looking for a bulk deal, you can contact them for a quote!


I am really glad that I have TunesGo now. I have decided it to make my music station – I have already made some playlists and experimented a bit. It feels awesome to use a professional software like this.

What are your thoughts about TunesGo? Let me know your views in the comments section below.