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TunesGo Retro Review – Your iOS Transfer Mate

You need to show some standard to meet the requirements of iPhone’s standard! Being the hype and so-called status symbol, iOS has its own ways of doing this. It’s not as simple as the old feature phones were, neither is it any straight forward as the powerful Android OS is. But still, the company is going to make sales, because they are selling an experience and not a product.

That’s a different point altogether. We are not going to talk about the success story of Apple or how Steve Jobs was creative enough to build such a powerful concept from scratch. We are going to deal with one main problem here –iOS syncing with your PC.

If you’re an iOS user, you know how complicated it is to merely connect your iPhone with Windows! You need its own USB Cable, and then you need iTunes and you need to do a lot of stuff for the initial setup. I personally hate doing such things, and probably you hate it too!

So, in this article, I am going to talk about TunesGo Retro by WonderShare – Your friend for convenient iOS file transfer

Why You ACTUALLY NEED TunesGo Retro

TunesGo Retro is a simple software. It is not packed with a lot of features but it contains something which you badly need! TunesGo Retro is packed with some additional features you’d definitely love! Thus, TunesGo Retro is basically a middle man between your PC and your iOS device. This middle man will make the transfer and synchronization absolutely simple, sleek and convenient as well as enhance it!

Here are the basic features of TunesGo Retro:

Seamlessly Manage Contacts, SMS, and Photos etc.

Be it iOS to PC or PC to iOS, TunesGo Retro is smart and sleek. Backup your contacts, import them or export them. Save your messages into convenient file formats such as HTML to create a reliable backup on your system. The best part, you’re even allowed to save the attachments. Also, transfer photos easily to and fro.

Thus, TunesGo Retro is your all-in-one partner for iOS transfer. With this software, you would never have to worry about backing up your files – because this can be done with a single click on TunesGo Retro!

TunesGo Retro is your musical man!

It’s easy to deal with music on TunesGo Retro. Transfer music to and fro the devices. Create playlists to organize your favorite songs. You’re allowed to import information such as artist name, album name, genre etc. This is an essential advantage of TunesGo Retro. I personally don’t like songs without their essential information. The interface is pretty neat and you would enjoy syncing and playing your music in TunesGo Retro.

Duplicate File Check

An essential advantage of TunesGo Retro is that it automatically checks for duplicate file entries and makes sure only one survives. This is crucial not just because you’re freeing up some space, but you’re actually avoiding chaos and confusion. Ironically, this feature is not present in iTunes. Therefore, TunesGo Retro is a must have software for your iOS management.

iCloud support

TunesGo Retro supports iCloud too. You can directly download iCloud backups within the app very easily and conveniently. You can then transfer these files to any location or device. Besides, the files are downloaded in entirely and every minute information is preserved. You will be able to claim your entire iTunes backup from top to bottom.


Developers at WonderShare have recently introduced a new feature that comes bundled with TunesGo Retro – GIF Maker. With this feature, you can create a GIF File easily from photos and videos.

For photos, you just need to choose the photos in the correct sequence along with time interval for each to create a GIF File. While in the case of video, you just have to set the animation speed and you’re good to go! GIFs are the new trend these days. Since Facebook now supports GIF files, they are shared all over the globe now. Therefore, creating some GIF files can be a big advantage for social media engagement.

With this feature you can convert your photos and videos into Gif with a little creativity. Get more info of gif maker here.


TunesGo Retro comes at a really affordable rate. The basic plan is as low as 20$, and the price becomes more affordable for bulk orders. If you’re a businessman and have a huge requirement, you can contact WonderShare and get the software at an extremely cheap rate.

Talking about the payment methods, there are a lot to choose from. Most of the common payment gateways are supported.


I hope you liked this WonderShare TunesGo Retro review. With so less number of software available for iOS, TunesGo Retro is a boon for those iOS users who are struggling for the simple requirement of synchronization. TunesGo Retro is a solution to all the iOS related file transfer needs.

What are your thoughts on TunesGo Retro? Leave us a comment below to showcase your views!