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Truebill Android App Review| Smart Way To Save Money


Are your monthly subscription bills are worrying you? Do you cut down money spend in monthly bills and subscriptions charge? Then you are at right place in this post we are going to review smart devices app the Truebill app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Through this app users can easily track money. Users can track where money is going in the form of monthly bills and subscriptions payments. What is Truebill is all about? Let us get an answer to this question in below part.

What is Truebill?


As we mentioned in above part only, it is an app through which users can easily track all their bills from one dashboard only. Users can easily check all their monthly bills and subscriptions from one place and can track down unwanted services and can save lots of money. Through Truebill users can save an average of $512 per year. Truebill is packed with different features which help its users to save both time and money have a look at these features.

1. Truebills provides an effective way to track all bills and subscription from one place.

Users can also track past payments through it.


2. Truebills helps users to track down unwanted services. Easy service cancel option is available to cancel down unwanted service here is screenshot have a look to get some idea of this feature.


3. Truebills uses the special algorithm to track down bills, and it notifies or alerts users whenever the bill amount rises.

4. Through it, users can discover where they are getting overbilled and also discovery different ways to cut down the bill amount.

5. Users can also browse different subscriptions. To make things better for users reviews and rating are also there.


Is Truebill is safe?

Yes, the Truebill app is 100% save. Users can blindly go for Truebill as it follows bank level confidentiality. It never sells its users private details to other. It also follows IETF recommended protocol which is 256-bit SSL encryption. As we mentioned above it is a free service and to make things better Truebill never ask for credit card information from its users which is superb. Hence there is no chance of any unwanted balance deduction.

Pros and Cons

Let us discuss some pros and cons with all of you. Read these points carefully and take steps accordingly.


1. It is a free app.The company is not charging a single penny for this amazing service. To make things clearer, Truebill never ask for credit card details.

2. The interface of Truebill is very good. It is very easy to monitor all bills from one place.

3. According to the company it follows, IETF recommended protocol and follows 256-bit SSL encryption. High level of confidentiality is also maintained to provide full privacy to users.

4. The support provided by Truebill is also very impressive. It is very quick and ver helpful also.

5. Smart Algorithm used in Truebill is very good. It smarty alters users in case of hike in bill amount.


1. It is not available for Windows based device which is not good as there are millions of devices which run on Windows Operating System.

2. The interface of the application is good but, sometimes it lags.

3. Last but not the least it is not available for all country.

At last, the Truebill the money saving app is recommended to our readers as it free, totally safe (as mentioned above) and yes very useful. If it is available in your country, definitely go for it. Try it once and start saving money and time both.