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Top Tropical Destinations Around The World

Island living is the stuff that dreams are made of. Most of us can only spare the time for a yearly vacation, but these destinations will make you wish you never had to leave. Create the best kind of memories on the shores of paradise. Take your iPad or cell phone, or whatever device you prefer, because you will never want to forget the sites your eyes will behold. Here are the top tropical destinations all around the world.

St. Martin Island

This is one of the Caribbean islands that is shared by the customs of the French and the Dutch, so your are sure to get plenty of character and culture on this visit. The French part of the island will show you some of the finest cuisine and the Dutch side will show you some of the most fascinating shopping opportunities from one of the busiest ports in the area. See the best of both worlds on this beautiful Caribbean island.

Costa Alegre, Mexico

The name of this destination is actually translated “Cheerful Coast”. The beauty of Costa Alegre is truly unmatched. If you stay at the El Tamarindo, you will enjoy two miles of private beach that are only accessible to the patrons of the resort. There’s also plenty of great seafood in the area. El Marino is the most popular of the seafood restaurants in the area. Then you can head on to your ancient mud bath treatment called temazcal.

Maui, Hawaii

If you live in the U.S., you can visit this paradise without even cracking the old passport. Maui provides visitors with thirty miles of beach. You can actually see black, white, and red sand along the coast of Maui. It’s many different types of beaches are sure to have something for any kind of traveler. If you’re interested in combing the beach for artifacts, or surfing the waves for the day, or even just swimming and picnicking… Maui has it all.

Bali, Indonesia

This island was granted the nickname the “Island of the Gods” by its patrons. This destination offers a whole lot more than just a breathtaking beach scene. Bali offers rich culture and historical value. The landscapes move seamlessly from lush forests to green rolling hills. You can travel through here on a backpacking adventure, or find the perfect schedule for your whole family. Either way, you can’t miss out on Bali.

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

This is one of the largest private islands you can visit in the Caribbean. Here you will find a handful of beautiful secluded beaches, and there’s never a short supply of high class service here on the Peter Island. You can indulge your tastebuds in the authentic cuisine and wine that has been carefully aged to perfection.

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