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Traveling Alone Is Fun – That’s for Sure!

If it’s happened that your plan to spend a vacation in the company of friends did not work out, that’s not a reason to spend it at home. Believe there are enough places in the world where you can gosolo and do not pine for home.And if you do, you can find some absolute advantages in travelling without other people.

For extraverts: Dublin, Ireland

Every year the Conde Nast Traveller magazine, specializing in trendy and vacations, publish a list of the friendliest communities on the planet. Andyou can always find there the capital of Ireland, mysterious Dublin,in the list. In old houses, thoroughly imbued with the spirit of legends, not only leprechauns and fairies live together, but also the most sociable people in the world welcome you to their houses. You won’t have time to feel lonely, because for the Irish,a stranger is a friend. Cheerful red-haired fellows, covered with freckles, they are always happy to drink a pint with you in the best pubs of Ireland. They will help you like one o’clock, no matter if they show you the way to the 3fe coffee shop, which got into top twenty of the most famous institutions in the world, or just arrange sightseeing trips, known only to locals.

For those, who lost spiritual harmony: Rongbuk Monastery, Tibet

If you prefer a vacation alone, looking for solitude, go to the foot of Everest. Here, according to the ancient legend, there is a sacred limit, that separates our world from the realm of permafrost. Tibetan lamas say everyone who is making his way to the top of Jomolungma, is obliged to cross the snow-covered valley of the sacred road and stop to rest at the Rongbuk Monastery. Travelers, who have lost the sense of life, waiting for shelter, food and enlightened advice, can manage to reach nirvana. Depending on when you come, Rongbuk presents a unique opportunity to visit the colorful Tibetan festival of Saka Dawa, watch the ceremony of driving away evil spirits or just enjoy the silence and breathtaking views, surrounding the icy beauty.

For beauty-of-nature lovers: Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe

Aborigines, living on the outskirts of the bald hills of Matobo, say that anyone who dares to set a foot on the slope should wait for a series of misfortunes. Not by chance, these protected peaks were considered sacred in ancient times. However, Matobo Hills National Park, a gemstone of UNESCO World Heritage, in fact is famous for the unusual beauty of the landscapes. You will not be alone, wandering over the vast expanses of the Hills. Giraffes, rhinos, leopards and black eagles will become your companions. The journey to the bosom of the primeval African nature also promises you a lot of unique photos.

For shopaholics: Milan, one of the world recognized capitals of fashion

If you prefer to share your loneliness with other people, off by yourself in a crowded streets, go to Italy. Dare to paraphrase the famous saying, all roads lead… from Rome. Actually, fashionistas from all over the world flock to Milanin pursuit of Prada, Versace, Armani and Fendi. Especially,when there is a period of discounts. But in this city there is much more to see in addition to shops – Duomo Cathedral, La Scala Opera House, Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, etc. Moreover, this spring you may enjoy the most ambitious and large-scale exhibition of Leonardo’s paintings, mostra leonardo palazzo reale see the most impressive collection of Leonardo’s works that was ever held in Italy, just book a ticket in advance.

As you can see, travelling solo is not a drama at all. Even if you feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, you will not regret it in the end, especially when you will share some mouth-watering stories about your challenging and adventurous solo tours with friends.