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Transactional SMS ~ Key to build an online empire

In the world of digitization the best mode of connectivity is said to be with the help of mobility in devices. The more handy the device the more easy to access any sort of information online. It creates a great opportunity for the users as well as e commerce companies which are wholly or partially based over web. Beginning with the most user friendly and ease of access method one can easily connect with on any digital platform, is through the messages with the help of which any person can reach the other person within seconds and can deliver the information to the recipient without any hazard on the way.


Online Marketers use many such tricks to stay in limelight to promote their product or services, as we are growing digitally powerful we have large online population too and with the support of Digital India project definitely we will be empowered to be grown multi fold digitally. Connectivity becomes easy when there is no barrier between the communicators, to deliver the required information. For any online marketing or sales firm, the easiest of all methods is the BulkSMS system, its reach is fast among the mobile users and therefore can easily convey any piece of information in real time, making it an extremely productive tool to map the customers and prospects at a larger front.

Professional marketers who simply use promotional messages often face much trouble as they are often banned by the prospects due to their promotional advertising sense. Transactional message here solves the purpose and being informative in nature seems important and unavoidable by users, therefore to make the content of the SMS more appealing but less promotional can be a great factor to acquire even larger number of prospects with message optimization option. In fact these messages can crucially be used as a vehicle to augment your brand name as they never go unread as per the online impression trend. It helps the online based e commerce companies to strengthen their roots, as a result it increases the profitability and causes better engagement with customers.

Benefits associated with Transactional SMS are many but to name a few, the prompt information delivery helps the communication between Business to Customer more stronger as they support real time feeds with quality information which reaches the prospects without any delay. They can be used to share the minutes or bullet pointers for alerting the prospect, which may cover almost every important bit of information addressing the prospects need and interests. E commerce companies can better use the Transactional SMS strategy to have a good hold over its client base while staying in contact with their direct and indirect customers through different means.

The feasibility and flexibility of sending the message on 24×7 is the best feature it has, as it can be received anywhere any time. After the TRAI instructions and limitations upon Promotional SMS which doesn’t reach on DND numbers, benefit with Transactional SMS is that it reaches to those numbers too which are listed in the DND list as for informational purpose.

To sum up the complete advantages we have with the SMS system, here are the few key pointers which states how can the Transactional Messages be useful for the growth of any Online Business entity.

Transactional SMS can be used in different ways by E commerce industry as follows:

l Confirmation of Purchase Orders

l Identifying Delivery Status

l To Gather Sign up Details

l Greeting on Special Occasions

l Other confirmation regarding shopping or purchases.

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