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Protect Your Identity Online with TorGuard VPN

Internet has became a part of our daily life. We make a lot of use of use of internet in our daily life, from surfing to shopping. We even sometimes transfer money online and pay some bills. These transactions are all carried out on our internet. So in order to do a safe transaction online, we need to protect our data online. We also need protection of our online identity, or our reputation online may get at risk. To protect our Identity and to be secure online, we need a tool to provide us security on the Internet. And TorGuard is the Best tool made for this purpose.
The list of services provided by TorGuard VPN are as follows:- torgaurd-services

Anonymous Torrent Proxy

(Price: 5.95 $ a month) Torguard-torrent-plan This plan allows you to use your torrent application and share, receive the files you want, without any risk of being monitored. It guides you to configure your torrent application and protect your identity from monitoring group. Protection your identity is a must while using torrent application or you might get a harrowing letter from your ISP any other day. Features of Anonymous Torrent Proxy Plan:

  • You will get a Untraceable IP address
  • UDP Supported on all socks5 Anonymous Proxy Servers
  • Access of more than 40+ proxy server in 4 different countries.
  • Unlimited Speed on your Torrent Application
  • Easy Setup with BitTorrent, Utorrent, Vuze proxy
  • Pre-configured torrent application available.
  • You can turn off the proxy anytime you want.

Anonymous VPN

(Price: 5.95$ a month) Do you wish to surf online being anonymous?. Do you wish to surf website banned or blocked by Network Admins? If you answer yes, then you are reading about a service which can make this happen. TorGuard VPN protect your identity online by giving you more 25 IP address to surf online anonymously. It also provides encryption on the data you transfer. It does not even keeps logs of the way you are using this service. This gives you the power of total anonymity. TorGuard-Vpn-service-review Features of Anonymous VPN Plan:

  • No one would be able to find out your true IP address.
  • Protects your data, when you use a public wifi internet connection
  • Unblock banned sites, for example sites like Facebook are banned in china, so if you use TorGuard VPN, you can get an easy access to the blocked censored sites as well.
  • No Installation Required
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Give you Torrent+ P2P in its plan.
  • VPN Service from servers in more than 33 countries.

Anonymous Email

The days of sending post have long gone. The best form of sending a mail these days is the electronic mail service, or in other words, Email. We do send a lot of email to our loved one, friends and family. We assume that as long as the password of receiver is not known, the contents of the email would be secure. But let me tell you that, they are not. You need a service to protect you email contents as well. TorGuard Provides you a free anonymous service. The data storage limit of the free plan is 10MB. So in case, you want to use this service in a business application, you can buy an yearly membership at a small cost of 4.16$ a month, or a monthly subscription at 5.33$ a month.


The risk of breach in online privacy as increased these days. With the exponential growth of internet, we can find a lot of hackers and sniffer trying to sniff and sell your data. So in order to prevent our online identity and our data, a VPN service such as TorGaurd VPN is highly recommended. In case you are not satisfied with the working of TorGuard, you can avail the 30 days money back guarantee, and get your money back. But I am sure that is not going to happen, because this is the best VPN service you could ever get online. I hope you make a right decision for yourself now and start thinking about your online identity.

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