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Top Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment Over a Hotel

A vacation to your favorite holiday destination can be the most rewarding way to unwind and relax when you are stressed. It enables you to fortify your relations with close friends and family and even gives you the chance to reconnect with yourself.

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Nevertheless, choosing your lodging is perhaps just as crucial a decision you will make, along with the choice of the destination itself. There is nothing worse than settling down on an accommodation that is subpar and elevates your anxiety and frustration unnecessarily. Moreover, it will also end up depleting a massive part of your holiday budget with no satisfactory returns.

It is a common tendency to always look for a hotel for lodging purposes. However, with today’s booming tourism industry, we have seen the heightened popularity of serviced apartments, which seem to be favored more and more by extensive travelers.
Listed below are a few of their benefits in comparison to other accommodation services.

More Spacious

Serviced apartments are characteristically more spacious than hotels. Hotel rooms are usually sequestered and rarely offer large enough spaces for the entire family even when they claim to. On the other hand, serviced apartments have bigger rooms and can house a large family with ease. This makes it the ideal accommodation option if you happen to be traveling with a group of friends or your extended family. Generally, serviced apartments will also incorporate a kitchen, a living space, and separate bedrooms. This would mean that you would have the opportunity to cook at home and save money instead of spending it on outside food. This would additionally mean that you can spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy the fun activity of cooking as a team.


Serviced apartments are far more convenient than hotel accommodation, and that too at a fraction of the cost. They eliminate the need for booking an overpriced suit and offer more space and independence. Moreover, these serviced apartments are fully furnished to make you feel at home. They come with the facilities of refrigerators, kitchenettes, and other amenities. With the money saved on accommodation, you can use that sum for the travel and shopping expenses. You will be paying a lot less for a better-equipped space instead of paying a hefty amount of money for a downgraded, cloistered hotel room with bare minimum facilities.

Prime Locations

Most superior serviced apartments are centrally-located and are in the vicinity of the city hubs. If you plan to spend your time shopping and exploring city life, this would be the ideal option. This would also guarantee that you do not have any impediments regarding transportation and that one mode of transport or other, either public or rental, is always proximal. This would go a long way in facilitating your travel flow and assisting you in having the most out of your trip. All the city’s celebrated spots would be a few minutes away, and you would not have to worry about getting back before a curfew.

If you are planning to vacation in the city of Perth and looking for a serviced apartment in the optimal locations, you can choose City Gate Apartments Perth for the foremost and the most splendid serviced apartments at the most competitive market rates.

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