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Top employers value 360 degree feedback

Many of the UK’s best employers realise just how valuable implementing a 360 Degree Feedback system can be, they appreciate the benefits that it can bring to an organisation.

That’s the main finding of research conducted by a marketing consultancy firm that questioned HR directors working for companies featured in the Sunday Times top 100 Best Places to Work.

Many of those HR directors questioned said it was particularly valuable for promoting positive changes in behaviour and practice, especially amongst staff working at a senior level.


360 degree feedback is used to give a comprehensive view of performance, with feedback coming from several sources including colleagues, customers and the employee themselves.

It is best for supporting personal development and organisational growth. It offers a perspective on management and leadership skills that is difficult to get through any other method, the very nature of feedback from real people that the appraisee actually works with gives very powerful information about how they interact with different groups of people.

It is a great supporting tool for annual appraisal and performance reviews; however it is not as effective when attached to criteria for performance related pay, assessing bonuses and technical performance criteria. Where this is the required outcome an objective quantitative measurement is more appropriate.

This type of intervention gives huge insights into an organisation’s culture, values and priorities, all of which need to be considered when setting up a 360 project

The key to success is understanding what you want to get from the activity in order to meet the objectives.

It has been said many times that a happy workforce promotes stability and enthusiasm which filters down into the whole working environment.

What isn’t so well know is that a workforce that is “happy” is better able to service clients, so it follows that customer satisfaction is potentially a bi-product of 360 Feedback.

The research found that 360 Feedback is mostly used for development purposes and that most companies questioned believed there was a correlation between carrying out a 360 process and being voted a Best Company to work for.

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