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Top Characteristics Good Managers Have

Some people are born leaders, some people followers. Within that classification of people are many different categories into which a person can fall into. Within any business there is a management structure through which the enterprise is run.

Imagine it like a pyramid, where the overall mission of the organization sits on top, dictating the way everything is run. Below that mission is the strategy to make it happen, the tactical goals that need to be met in order to make that mission happen, and on the bottom of the pyramid sits the operational day to day goals that must be met in order to make the entire pyramid function.

Within each level of business operation there is a manager that oversees the work being done to meet the overall goal. Managers are key to having a business that continues to grow and has a solid infrastructure. Like an actual pyramid, the foundations within must be fully operational or else the infrastructure can’t support the overall load of the entity on the outside.

Good managers mean better infrastructure-which means greater ability to continue to build onto whatever already exists. Here are the top characteristics of a good manager.

They Look For the Good

Management takes very special individuals-particularly ones who look for the good in every individual and in every situation. When employees are facing low morale, it’s up to the manager to cheerlead them on in a sense.

A person who gets caught up in the stresses of the job and doesn’t live and breath for the chance to get the best out of people honestly wasn’t born to manage them and steer them towards betterment. A manager who looks for the bad in order to squeeze out a better performance is missing the entire picture, and the reason there is lack of performance in the company is probably a direct result of this.

They Ask For Help

Great managers aren’t afraid to admit that they’re not perfect. Everybody loves to see the flaws in individuals transparently played out for all to see. It’s the reason people love actresses like Jennifer Lawrence or Anna Kendrick. This are people who know they aren’t perfect and they make themselves relatable and understandable to everyone.

Nobody has everything figured out. Everything in life is a learning curve and just because someone oversees a branch of a company doesn’t mean that they’re untouchable and better than everyone else. People who have this mentality are often disliked and fall to the bottom of the chain pretty quickly. The best managers are constantly seeking advice and direction, and are open to learn how to better themselves and those around them.