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Top 5 Travel Destinations in Europe

Europe can be a wonderful and exotic place to travel. Just imagine all the wonderful culture and history you can soak up no matter which countries you decide to visit. When planning your European vacation, be sure to include these top five travel destinations in your itinerary.


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A European vacation isn’t complete without a visit to the City of Lights. Climb the Eiffel Tower, sail down the River Seine, and take in all the shops and fine cuisines that Paris has to offer. Make sure you tour the Louvre while you’re there. You won’t want to miss seeing the beautiful paintings, especially the Mona Lisa, as well as sculptures, and the eye-catching double pyramid.


Italy is another must-see stop on any European vacation. Visit the beautiful countryside, see the Mediterranean, and enjoy delicious Italian cuisine. Some sites to take in as you travel around the country are the Coliseum in Rome, the villas of Tuscany, a gondola ride in Venice, and the beautiful art in Florence. While you’re visiting luxurious Italy, make sure you check out great deals and find cheap hotels for an affordable stay.


A European vacation wouldn’t be complete without a ride on a double-decker bus around London. Take a tour of the city and see all of London’s beautiful sights, including the bridges, Big Ben, the London Eye, and, of course, Buckingham Palace. Other sites you may want to check out include St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Zoo, Sea Life London Aquarium, and the Tate Modern art gallery.


For a more cultural and historical visit to Europe, be sure to visit Germany. With its beautiful palaces, parks, and gardens, Germany offers its own fairytale vacation. Some must-see locations include Heidelberg Castle, one of Europe’s most famous landmarks. There are several wings, towers, casemates, and moats to explore in this fourteenth-century castle. The Berlin Wall is a must-see for history buffs, as is the Berlin Museum Island. Old Town in Heidelberg will take you back in time as you explore some of the town’s most fascinating attractions.


Are you looking to see the Spanish side of Europe? Madrid is the perfect place to do just that. You’ll have a wonderful time immersing yourself in Spanish culture as you watch the flamenco dancers, hear the shouts of the matador, take in beautiful paintings and architecture, and sample Spanish cuisine. Some not-to-miss sights include Mercado San Miguel for fine dining ingredients, or to pack a perfect picnic; Cybele’s Fountain, which is surrounded by a number of important buildings in Madrid; and Plaza Mayor, the beautiful square that invites you to come in for coffee, or perhaps a glass of wine.

These top five European travel destinations will provide you with an unforgettable vacation. You can take a European tour over the summer and see all the sights, or determine the best times to see each place individually. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll want to be sure to include these destinations on your future European vacation plans.