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Top 5 Students Volunteer Services

Introduction: Volunteer service is a method or way of giving back to the community. There are many non-profit organizations that have offered their services such buying essays in order to help develop and grow different sectors in a nation in order to better the lives of other individuals.


The Donation of Clothes and household goods: Students are well known for having a lot of waste materials either at school or home that mostly include clothes. Students during the Holidays take the time to go through their closets and find stuff that they do not use which is in good condition hence donating them to children homes and orphanages.


Blood Donation: In the medical sector and field there is an increasing demand for blood every now and then due to blood shortages. There are many causes that lead to this need such as accidents, blood transfusion, etc. Students with the consent of a guardian of the ages 16-17 can participate by helping the Red Cross by booking an appointment or be charitable with their parents’ consent so as to donate blood to those who are in desperate need of blood.


Clean up Participation: One can volunteer to participate in the cleanup of a beach or park that is mostly organized by the school so that the students can be environmentally cautious of their surroundings. While doing this, it adds a sense of responsibility in the students’ lives and reduces the effect of ignorance. Students learn from this experience a lot, and they can apply this behavior as a lifestyle.


Translation of other Languages to English: Students can volunteer to do this for their friends who do not understand English or have a problem with English as a language. By doing this students can build the quality of their resume since they increase the chances of getting job opportunities in life and win awards when they are involved in such activities.


Charity Donations: This is one of the most popular volunteer activities. Many students volunteer by giving money to help those who have a need in the community. There are particular charities to go straight to organization charity organizations, for example, the military, Cancer Foundation Etc. When students do this, many helpless people can benefit from such organizations due to their contribution.