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Top 5 Runner Games for Android Tablets


This year GooglePlay store is flooded with lots of good game apps but most of them are the runner games. Every android developer knows about the success of Temple Run and that’s why they are also trying out their luck.

There may be lots of runner games available for android tablets in the GooglePlay store but still not all of them are the best one. You should be looking for some real fun via runner game on your android tablet with some extraordinary graphics.

Here I’m with the latest top 5 runner games for android tablets. You can get them from the GooglePlay store.

Temple Run: Oz

This game is very impressive and no doubt it’s the best runner game available for android tablets. You can predict the quality of graphics on your own as it is developed by the official Disney developers.

Disney produced one 3D movie this year, Oz that was pretty much popular. Disney developed it for android tablets and now it is the most popular runner game.

The main story plot is based on the movie itself. You’re the Oz and you need to survive in the beautiful 3D world and also in the black forest. If you’ve watched the movie then you’ll find all the features and elements in the game very identical.

The performance of the game is very fast and I’ve been playing it for months but never found any bug. If you’re bore playing Temple Run (Imangi) then try this one from Disney.

This runner game for android tablet is not available as free but really worth of its price tag.

Granny Smith

Next recommended game is developed by Mediocre and is very much popular. In fact this game has got Editor’s choice badge and lots of good ratings and reviews.

Game play is very simple, you’re granny and you need to collect more green apples then the thief which is running on the neighboring track. There are lots of obstacles in the way and you need to perform lots of stunts and also concentrate on collecting apples.

There are lots of levels in the game and you need to win the race by collecting more apples then thief in order to move onto next level.

When I tried this game then this game took me at its graphics. Straightly I wrote a review about it including “impressive, simple and very addictive” tags.

You can purchase this game from the GooglePlay store and it is worth of its price tag.

Rayman Jungle Run

If you feel like a real gamer after playing lots of runner game on your android tablet then try this one and show your running skills. I can bet you that it will take few weeks to start completing levels in this game as its game play is very tough.

You need to survive in a jungle and there are lots of creatures moving behind you to make you their breakfast. The running speed is so fast that you need to be very accurate in making decisions while running.

Graphics are really very impressive and I can give “Superb” tag for this game due to its graphics and tough game play. As I stated in starting that if you’re a real gamer then try this game out. Its price will not stop you in trying this game.

Temple Run 2

It is the sequel of most popular runner game, Temple Run. Graphics and game play have been improved with more new tweaks. You can customize your player and also replace it completely with new and fast runner.

Those who are bored of playing Temple Run (first sequel) can try this one out and no doubt you’ll be addicted towards it very soon. Like earlier version, the second version is also available as free.

Zombie Run HD

You must have seen lots of movies based on Zombie stories and now a game is available in the GooglePlay store for android tablets based on the same Zombie concepts.

You need to run fast to survive and save yourself from becoming food of any zombie which is running behind you. Game play is very impressive, fast and meets up with the graphics.

Before telling you further about this game, I’ll recommend you to try it on your own as it is available for free in the GooglePlay store and save yourself from Zombies.

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