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Top 5 Misconceptions about Affiliate Programs


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If you are new to affiliate marketing programs, you may have heard many things that may have attracted you to it or discouraged you from joining. Avoid making the wrong decisions by getting acquainted by the common misconceptions and myths about affiliate marketing. You might miss a great opportunity for a new income source or you might get yourself caught up in a fraudulent scheme. The outcomes depend on what you know and what you do about them.

  1. It’s easy as One Two Three

Affiliate programs may  not be overly complicated but they are also not a walk in the park. You need to be properly acquainted with the system. You need to study system. Different companies offer different kinds of affiliate programs. Likewise, different products and services have different approaches when it comes to affiliate marketing. For instance, if you are interested in BitGold affiliates, you need to understand how it works. You need to have clear answers as to what BitGold is, how it works, who the target audience are, and how much can be earned. You can’t expect homogeneity in the different affiliate systems existing. Each has to be carefully scrutinized to find out if they can really offer you anything significant.

Affiliate marketing takes time and effort. More importantly, it takes a good understanding of how the system works. If you just randomly put up links or banners just because everybody else is doing it, don’t expect to make it big in being an affiliate. Likewise, if you are the one running the affiliate program, you need to make sure that you are bringing in the right partners into your system. You need to establish good, beneficial relationships. You also have to regularly update or refresh the program to continue enticing interest.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Is a Scam

At first glance, affiliate marketing sounds like traditional multi-level marketing wherein people get commissions for their customer referrals and (in some cases) for the people they recruit to join the system. This preconception, however, is no longer applicable to the prevalent situation. Many affiliate marketers have already wisen up and are trying new things that veer away from the near-deceptive and nonviable systems of the past. When properly thought out, affiliate marketing can result in great results for companies. Of course, many scams and unscrupulous schemes still exist but they certainly don’t overwhelm the legitimate ones.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Only Works with Specific Niches

Yes, affiliate marketing tends to be more effective in some niches compared to others. You will likely find more success if you are in the health, wealth, romance, and recreation niches as compared to those in the academic, scientific, and IT. However, this does not mean that it’s impossible to find success if you don’t focus on a particular niche. The Internet landscape has advanced and changed significantly that niches are no longer a major constraint.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Is Yesterday’s Strategy

No, affiliate programs have not become obsolete or outdated. They have adapted well with current situations. Link building may have become a thing of the past with the search algorithm changes implemented by Google and other search engines but the same cannot be said of affiliate marketing. New platforms such as social media and apps create new opportunities for affiliate marketing. Besides, affiliate marketing is not limited to websites and blogs so the rulers of online search cannot dictate affiliate marketing’s furtherance or demise.

  1. Success in Affiliate Marketing Is Decided by the Number of Sites Your Links or Banners Are Embedded

In affiliate marketing, quality beats quantity. What matters is the conversion. It’s useless having your products seen by millions when hardly a fraction of them show interest, let alone buy your products. The key is finding the right audience, using the right strategies, and exerting effort to be noticed.

Affiliate marketing is still a viable option for promoting products and services. Likewise, it is a good way for website or blog owners and other businesses to augment their earnings. It’s just important to clearly understand everything the system and to carefully examine the benefits and real potential for success.

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