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Top 3 Free RocketDock Skins


education-technologyRocketDock is program which deals with graphic features. It is way it pleases its users. Sometimes our desire for designs are not satisfied, this is the time one needs to customize things according to ones choice and comfort. RocketDock skins can give windows operating system a whole new exclusive look. There are a lot of free RocketDock skins available, one can download it and create their own skins too. The users do not need to take permission from anywhere to create their own skins. People who not have much idea about this RocketDock skins can always go for the system made ones.


It has the ability to give a system a whole new look keeping in mind the taste of the new OS systems. If a person is using Windows OS system now, then he/she can easily apply the skins and get the effects of Ubuntu or Mac. It is available in the form of files which has to be run manually. It gets installed in a folder. The process is pretty easy and simple.


It is very easy to implement and install in the system. One does to have to rack their brains over it. The best part is that it is available for free. Anyone can download and use it and enjoy the best looks in their device. It sets in the desktop a very high customization. It occupies very less space, thus it does not hamper the performance of the device. It gives the users the best looks without hampering the performance speed. These features obviously make these skins very attractive to users.  Below are listed the top 3 free RocketDock skins.


The simply dark skin is a very good and attractive skin. As the name indicates, it comes mostly in the shade of black and grey and gives the system a very bold look. It is also very to install and it helps to change the boring looks of the desktop. When one installs this, all the RocketDock Skin icons appear which makes it easier to change the settings accordingly and customize the looks. This is a very simple skin, so people who like simplicity will love this skin. It has no extra designs or flashy colours. For those who want a professional look, this skin is the best for them.


This is very nice and stylish graphic. It gives a touch and feel effect to the desktop. It shows the Apple Inc company symbol on the desktop. The symbol has the bright silver colour on a blacl dotted background, which makes it look vibrant and expressive. It is a very unique graphic.


This skin gives the Mac OS Leopard look which gives the desktop a whole new look. It changes the basic theme of the full operating system. It makes the desktop look smart and cool. It even changes the task bar and start menu designs.  It gives the feeling of something very new.

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