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Top 10 Upcoming Technological Inventions

We are blessed to born in the age of rapid technological advancement where latest technologies are improving our lifestyles. From the value of Smartphones & tabs to the usefulness of cloud storage; and from the connivance of GPS to the support of digital printers every technology invented in the recent years has become the part of our lives that it is very hard to think life without these. However that’s not the end, inventors are coming up with latest inventions to help rise our living standards and to help us in one way or other. Following are top 10 amazing upcoming technological inventions that will help us to further improve of living standards and amuse us.

1. Smartthings
Smartthings is an intelligent monitoring and controlling hub that will enable you to interact with the everyday physical things at your home and office. Combining with voice and motion detectors smartthing allows you to perform physical activities through your Smartphone. Now you can open and close doors, window you home; likewise you can control powers, taps and kitchen digital stuff.


2. Google Driverless Car
Driverless car is Google’s new initiative. Many companies have already introduced driverless cars, but the special thing about google driverless car is that it will be available at affordable prices; therefore it will take few years to get publicly released. Google driver car is empowered with motion sensor devices, in-built cameras and roof radar.

driveless car

3. Form 1 3D Printer
Currently High quality Professional 3D printing is inaccessible for the laymen due to the very high cost. However Form 1 3D printer is the latest upcoming technology that will enable you to create physical products and prototypes with high quality designs at a cheap cost. This printer will allow you to scan the designs of physical products into your computer.

3d printer

4. Parallella
Wonderful technology of its kind is Parallella that will allow you to convert your Big screen TV into full functioning Pc. With Parallella device you will able to perform all tasks that can be performed with branded PC, like using internet, watching videos, and other key PC functions.


5. Sphericam

Sphericam is amazing 360 degree high definition camera with GPS and live internet streaming. This technology allows its users to get high definition photos. Sphericam comes with 4.3” monitor screen. This is the world 1st full-fledged 360 degree panoramic camera with 3D, GPS and internet abilities.


6. Google Glasses
By developing augmented reality based spectacles, google has once again proven that they are master at their work. Google glasses is AR based head mounted display that allow user to view critical information such as maps, use GPS, take photos. Google glasses also allow users to interact with application using voice commands.

google glass

7. Gamesstick
Gamesstick is introduce is a 2’’ size gaming console that works like a branded gaming console. It allows users carry the carry this innovative gaming device within their pockets. With Games stick you don’t need large space for keeping gaming consoles and controllers; and involving in hassle of connecting bunch of cables.

tech new

8. Transporter
Transporter is the off-cloud storage system that allows user to backup & share their files and collaborate work with peers when needed. This technology rectifies some of the shortcoming of clouds such as privacy issues and monthly cloud service rentals. You can buy lifetime secured cloud storage service in shape of transporter.


Nanolight is the innovative electric bulb that provides much lighting and works greater than the traditional bulbs. With Nanolight you can turn your home or office into the daytime with controls our electricity bills.


Leikr is innovative GPS technology fitness watch that allows trainers to get control over their fitness workouts. With LeiKr you would be able to see your speed, time, heart rate, maps and other required internet information through wifi connectivity.

watch smart

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