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Top 10 Best free Android apps of 2013


The latest technology that’s ruling over the total mobile operation market is robot. With the arrival of technology, several robot applications became available simply. Robot apps are what make robot the most important merchandising OS phones. These apps aren’t solely simply accessible however may also be used freed from price. You’ll simply transfer the robot apps for gratis.  Considering the requirement of each individual, the specialists have designed numerous robot apps that prove bent on be helpful for everybody be it businessmen, adult or a child.

Top 10 Best free Android apps of 2013 are:

  1. Facebook for Android :

This app has very created it simple for the folks to update their standing and transfer their stuff among seconds. This app is accessible for complimentary and is quick in its performance. It’s with this app that maintaining with the buddies has become quicker than ever. Texting, chatting and making conversations has become abundant easier. Additionally, users will even play games whereas obtaining connected with friends.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger :

This app is on the market for iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia Phone and Windows Phone. Through this app, one will send and receive messages for complimentary. Users will simply register themselves through their phone numbers. Once you register yourself, the software system mechanically copies all the contacts saved in your phone.

  1. Google Sky Map :

This app permits you to ascertain the positioning of stars and planets. One simply must direct the cellular phone facing the sky to try and do that. The team of Google Sky Map has created the computer code in open supply in order that users will simply undergo pictures from NASA satellites. Such AN application is mostly employed by astrologers.


  1. Angry Bird:

This gambling app has become a wide used app within the android market. Most of the folks tend to pay their time off by accessing this app. Not solely adults, however even children have full-grown keen on this application. The graphics of the sport are designed in an exceedingly a lot of appealing manner.

  1. Layar:

With the assistance of technological advancement, robot market has start up with this app that creates you learn various things that are occurring around your home. This app has been downloaded across the world by varied individuals.


  1. Opera Mini Web Browser:

Opera mini application not solely makes your browsing straightforward and simple, however additionally causes you to expertise the quick on-line world. Through its compression technology, it saves on your information price additionally. This browser makes your net surfboarding through mobile quick and simple.

  1. Temple Run :

Android has begun with this new game that creates you run to safeguard your life from devils. Several app is being downloaded by many folks each currently so. The enthusiasts, World Health Organization need for thrill and fun, tend to decide on this app.


  1. Viber:

Like that of WhatsApp traveller, this app permits you to create free calls and send messages to your friends World Health Organization have joined Viber. This app is easy to use. You not solely get connected along with your friends however can also transfer your profile image and alter it with the time.

  1. Skype:

This app is currently on the market for humanoid machines still. Through this app, you’ll simply build voice and video calls to anyone on Skype. Whereas enjoying such calls, you’ll even send videos, photos and files to the buddies.

  1. ColorZilla: It is a great tool for Firefox especially useful in the sense of designing. It is cross plat formed. As the name as it is used in colour related tasks mainly. Using ColorZilla one can get the RGB measurement in any point of the browser, thus one can easily adjust the colours and use it another programs.

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