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Top 10 Computer Troubleshooting Tips for 2012 !


Troubleshooting difficulties can discontinue your working, as your computer may hang; make errors, and cease to work completely. If you are capable to determine the exact position of a computer, you can spare a lot of money by evading repairing jobs, charges of experts, and even purchasing a new one. Here are the top ten computer troubleshooting tips to remove the troubles

1. The computer is unable to start up

Check that the computer is properly plugged in, if it does not start when the power button is pressed. Plug some other electrical appliance in the socket to ensure the supply of power.

2. The computer screen is blank

If the screen is blank, check that the monitor is plugged in properly to electric socket and is firmly linked to the computer and also ensure that the monitor power switch is on. for

3. Trouble with video card

If the power indicators of the computer and monitor are on, and nothing is displayed on the screen then there is a trouble with video card. You should take your computer to repair shop for its replacement.

4. Software is functioning abnormally

If the software is responding unusually, restart your computer and run a virus scan with reliable antivirus software installed in the computer.

5. Windows do not boot properly

If windows do not boot appropriately then you should reinstall windows with the windows bootable CD.

6. The computer is on but not responding

If the computer is on, and not answering to keyboard operations, then it is said to be held up or seized. In this case, press continuously the power button for at least 5 seconds, it will turn off and then restart your computer.


7. An external device is not working

If an exterior tool does not function properly as desired, then turn it on as per Manufacturer’s instruction and be assured that all connections are intact, receiving main supply and well matched with the working method. The exact drivers are installed and updated.

8. Slow working computer

Computer performance can be ameliorated by cleaning undesired files from hard disc, relinquish unnecessary icons on your desktop, install a firewall, install antivirus and Anti spy ware tools, and plan usual registry scans.

9 Slow working internet

To increase your browser functions, you should wipe out cookies and internet temporary files repeatedly.

10. Internet network problem

If your computer can not get connected to internet then check IP address, check network cables are connected properly, make sure that servers or gateways firewall application is not blocking http requests from your PC.

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