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Toowoomba is a small city in Australia. But the name of a hit dish from Outback Steakhouse also has South Korea going gaga. The topping features grilled shrimp, mushrooms, and parmesan served on top of fettuccine in a creamy sauce. Here’s how you can make it at home.

1. Shrimp

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This dish is loaded with shrimp and creamy pasta sauce, unlike traditional ramen. The recipe calls for fettuccine noodles, but you can also use other types of pasta. This simple recipe is easy to follow, but it has a very rich and flavorful taste. This is perfect for those days when you are craving something comforting.

This dish is a take on the famous Toowoomba sauce from Outback Steakhouse. The sauce is a variation of alfredo sauce and has been popularized by the restaurant chain. The sauce is commonly used to top steaks and salmon, but you can use it to make a delicious pasta dish.

First, boil a pot of water to cook the pasta. While the water is boiling, prepare the veggies and sauce. Cut the onion and garlic cloves into small pieces, and chop the button bell mushrooms. Mix your preferred cream or milk with salt, white pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and ketchup to make the sauce.

Finally, saute the onions and mushrooms in a pan with a bit of butter on medium heat until the onions are translucent and the mushrooms have softened. Toss the cooked noodles with the sauce and garnish with chopped chives to serve.

Enjoy this classic dish that has South Korea going crazy! It is a perfect fusion of Korean and Italian flavors to delight your taste buds. Bon appetit!

2. Mushrooms

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Mushrooms are a delicious, versatile food that can be added to many dishes. They are also a good source of umami, one of the five basic tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, and sour). It’s important to note that mushrooms are not vegetables but rather a type of fungus. While they are often mistaken for plants, they have unique characteristics from the rest of the kingdom. Mushrooms are low in calories and fat and have a meaty texture, making them the perfect complement to various recipes. They are also packed with a host of essential vitamins and minerals.

In addition to being a rich source of umami, mushrooms provide many health benefits. Mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D, which helps promote healthy bones and regulate blood pressure. They also contain selenium, a powerful antioxidant, and ergothioneine, a natural anti-inflammatory compound.

The umami flavor of mushrooms also makes them a great substitute for meat in many recipes. Mushrooms are a great addition to soups, salads, casseroles, and pasta dishes. They are also a good choice for people trying to reduce their sodium intake. Mushrooms are a natural source of potassium, which helps reduce the negative impact that sodium can have on blood pressure.

When choosing mushrooms, select firm, whole mushrooms that are dry and have an even color. To store them, place them in a paper bag to absorb moisture and keep them cool. Before using, gently rinse or brush off dirt with a damp cloth. Mushrooms are approximately 80-90% water, so they spoil quickly if wet.

While you wait for the pasta water to boil, prepare the sauce by mixing the cream or milk of your choice, garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, and ketchup in a bowl. Drain and stir in the creamy mushroom sauce when the pasta is ready. Top with a dash of parsley, and enjoy!

3. Parmesan

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This cheese is so incredibly rich in umami, the savory flavor that gives many dishes their delicious taste. Parmesan is high in glutamate and is often the cheese of choice to be grated on top of grilled vegetables, pasta, risotto, meats, and salads. It also adds a delicious crunch and a pleasant nutty flavor to many meals. Unlike most hard cheeses, parmesan is relatively lactose-free and will only have the slightest amount of milk protein.

Parmesan is one of the most recognizable and well-known Italian cheeses. It is typically aged for at least two years to develop its rich, savory flavor and texture. Parmesan has a unique flavor profile that is not salty, sweet, sour, or bitter but nutty, earthy, and full of umami.

The aging process also creates the cheese’s signature granular texture, which differs greatly from other hard cheeses’ softer, smoother texture. Different similar cheeses include Parmigiano-Reggiano and Grana Padano. Grana is more delicate and less aging, while Parmigiano-Reggiano is more expensive but bolder.

Parmesan has become a staple in pasta recipes and is used as a topping for meats such as steak and chicken. It is also a great addition to soups and stews. It is important to remember that cheeses need to be refrigerated, even if they are unopened. It is best to wrap cheese in foil or parchment paper to protect it and remove as much oxygen from the cheese as possible.

If you’re looking for a dish to impress your guests, try making a Spicy Shrimp Alfredo Pasta with Parmesan. Originally appearing on the Outback Steakhouse menu in the USA, this recipe has been a hit in South Korea, with videos of how to make it viral online. It features grilled shrimp, craw? Sh, mushrooms, and parmesan with fettuccine and a cream sauce. You can easily find the ingredients for this dish at your local supermarket.

4. Cream

Sour Cream Alfredo Pasta Recipe (Vegetarian, No Milk)

A kitchen staple, cream is a dairy product that contains fatty globules separated from the liquid portion of milk by a separator (via RecipeTips). Different types of cream include heavy cream, whipping cream, and half-and-half. They all have a higher butterfat content than regular milk and are thicker.

The Toowoomba Pasta dish is a hit at many Korean restaurants for those who can’t make it to Outback Steakhouse soon. It can be served as pasta or a topping on steak or salmon, and it will satisfy your craving for something warm, creamy, and delicious! Give it a try! You won’t regret it. It will be your new favorite. – ad.

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