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Toddler’s First Holiday Abroad: The Essential Packing Cheat Sheet

The days approaching the first holiday that you will take with your toddler can be a mixed bag of excitement and nerves, especially if you are travelling long distances and to places with vastly different temperatures and weather conditions. There can be a tendency to be overly cautious and pack anything and everything a toddler has ever needed, but this can cause a logistical nightmare. Here is the essential cheat sheet to ensure that your baby has everything that he or she will need to enjoy their first holiday overseas.

Sun Screen and Sun Hats

The most important thing to consider when taking a toddler abroad for the first time is their skin. The UV rays of the sun can be dangerous to the skin of a toddler so it is vital that they are always protected. Apply sun screen whenever outside, being particularly careful if the child has been in water.


With plenty of relaxation time and things to do and see, you will often do much more walking on holiday than on a normal day, so a pushchair is vital for when your toddler gets tired. A collapsible pushchair is essential for ease of transport.

Baby Wipes and Plastic Bags

It is an inevitability that a toddler is going to make a mess; it is unequivocally their #1 skill and go-to move. Baby wipes can be used to clean up any messes on your toddler or elsewhere and the plastic bags provide an option for disposal.

Toddler Wash-Time Products

Alongside your own toiletries should be toddler shampoos and body washes. This is especially important if your toddler has particularly sensitive skin that is prone to reacting to adult shampoos and body washes.


Even if your toddler is well on their way to becoming fully potty trained, it is advisable to pack travel nappies to protect against little accidents. This is especially important during travel days that may include long stretches of waiting time and make some children anxious.

Baby Blankets

A baby blanket can help in a number of different manners, providing shade, warmth and comfort when necessary, making them important to keep with you almost constantly.


Toys, books and playthings need to be on hand at almost all times to safeguard against bored toddler tantrums. A favourite cuddly toy in particular can be reassuring and comforting whilst flying.


Make sure you pack snacks to further safeguard against your toddler growing restless and bored. Simple snacks such as breadsticks or dried fruit can keep a toddler occupied during periods of extended waiting.

Changes of Clothing

As stated above, toddlers are masters of getting mucky so at least two outfits per day need to be packed so that they can go somewhere nice in the evening with you without dragging in half of the beach with them.


The family holiday is a fantastic opportunity for the toddlers to get used to swimming. Float jackets for babies and toddlers are available to add extra buoyancy without restricting their movement, giving parents peace of mind.

Dining Products

Holidays abroad can offer a chance for toddlers to try new foods out, but they may be required to be on their best behaviour in a new environment. Bibs, bowls, forks and spoons designed for toddlers can help them enjoy new culinary delights.

Night Light

Sleeping in an unusual place may be stressful and disconcerting for a child, so a night light is a perfect way to add a little extra assurance that there is nothing to worry about.

Travel Cot and Travel Seat

Not all hotels and travel companies supply these so it is important to ensure that you have packed your own travel cot and travel seat.

Toddler Proofs

Almost everything you have to toddler proof your home may be beneficial on holiday. Socket protectors in particular can help keep little fingers safe.