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Tips to buying a flat in manglore

It has been the dream of every Indian to own a house or apartment flat.But the task is so daunting that people either go with the easily available option or keep on postponing the idea of having their own house.This is true for every part of India.If you have any desire to own an apartment or flat in Mangalore,we provide you with the top house buying tips to help you secure your dream flat in Mangalore without causing a dent in your budget so read on:

1.MAKE A LIST:yes, make a list of all your requirements and your preferences like if you want a 2 BHK or 3BHK flat,location,style,whether parking space is available or not and various amenities.Make a list of keeping the budget in your mind because that will play the most important role.

2.SECURE YOUR MONEY SOURCE:you can find the house with perfect requirements but you will still have to pay for it is good to secure your money sources. If you are thinking of getting a home loan, get into the nitty gritty of it .various banks have different eligibility criteria, interest rates.Some builders have tied up with banks but get your homework done before you trust them. choose what is best for you and then you can be on your way to buy a flat in Mangalore.

3.WHAT YOU SEE IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT YOU GET:so you saw a sample flat at the construction site, but it doesn’t mean you will get the same flat.sample flats are made with the purpose to lure the customer you should ask for an architectural drawing of the apartment as well as the layout map of the project.This will also help you to know the exact area of the property.

4.BE CAREFUL WHILE BOOKING:If you have booked an apartment, the builder might cancel the booking and 10% of the booking amount may be deducted from your booking amount ,sometimes it maybe 20%.What you need to do is be careful and never pay the booking amount in cash as you will have no record.ask for a receipt of the booking amount so that if you buy the flat it can be adjusted in the payment.

5.DO A THOROUGH INSPECTION:scout the neighbourhood of the house you are going to buy to know whether it is perfect for you or not.Ask about the property taxes, if any, utility bills ,electricity, and water can ask the neighbours their opinion ,if someone is living nearby.

6.UNDERSTAND THE CONTRACT FULLY:It is important to understand all the terms in your contract as it will save you a future lawsuit.If you find yourself struggling, a real estate agent will be happy to help you.