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Tips for Selling your Car Online

If you’re ready to trade your old car in for something shiny and new, you have several options. One is to trade it in at a car dealership and apply the credit to a newer model. However, with the array of online selling tools and digital marketing opportunities available today, selling a car online can lead to greater profits. It’s important to remember that selling online is different from selling at a dealership or even in a traditional newspaper classified. You’ll face widespread competition, so it’s important to establish a reasonable price. Keeping the following tips in mind will improve your chances of a quick, profitable sale.

Conduct Preliminary Research

Before you write your listing, you’ll want to look at the competition out there and find a target price for your car. The right price may not necessarily be what your car is worth, but it will be the amount that you can expect a buyer to pay for it. This means that you have to find out the current market price. For example, if you have a three year old Range Rover to sell you can look at similar listings at sources and to find out what the market price looks like. In addition to the car’s make and model, factors like demand, location, and condition will also weigh into the right price. If you set the bar too low, buyers may think something is wrong with your car. On the other hand, a high price will lead to a lack of responses.

Create a Memorable Listing

After scoping out the competition and getting a target price in mind, you’ll be ready to list your car. Although you’ll need to list all of the main features of the car, such as power windows, climate control, and airbags; think about the features that make it truly unique. You might want to mention your car being ideal for running family errands or taking long distance road trips, for example. The idea is to put a visual in the buyer’s mind, so that they can imagine themselves driving your car. High quality photos will make or break your listing. Even the best-written, thorough, and imaginative ad will get skipped over without visuals to go with it. Be sure to clean your car thoroughly and shoot it against a clear, neutral background for best results.

Gain Greater Visibility

It’s best to list your car on numerous sites, from local community message boards to major car listings websites. If you have put an ad for a Volkswagen at Carsales, the next step is to draw attention to your listing. Share your listing with your social networks, encouraging your contacts to spread the word. You can also maximise your results by including common search terms in your headline, such as “low mileage” or “brand new.”

Communicate with Buyers

Once the responses start rolling in, take the time to respond to each of them and follow up. Remember that you are competing against hundreds of similar listings online, so time is of the essence. If an email goes unreturned for 48 hours, you will lose the sale. Answer any questions in a timely manner and you’ll be able to increase your chances of turning a quick profit.

By using the research, marketing, and communication tools available online today, you can sell your used car without stress. Although it takes a bit of time and effort, the internet makes it easier than ever to reach a wide audience.