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Top tips to help you safely share printers for printing PDF files across a network

Sometimes, there is a possibility that you may have only one printer available across multiple computers in a network. This does not mean that the printer is rendered useless. However, the printer can be connected across this multitude of computers to carry out any important work that needs to meet its deadlines. You can even convert PDF to Word online and get the documents printed in an instant without absolutely any hassles. While technology eases everything and makes working in an office environment seemingly relaxed, there are certain pitfalls which when ignored can cause more harm than good. One of these pitfalls is the security threat that this type of printer sharing is likely to cause the network.  However, every problem has a full proof solution and the resourceful tips mentioned below will ensure that you not only use the printer sharing facilities to its full advantage but it will also make sure that it improves the computer and printer performance in the long run. These nifty tips will help increase the flexibility offered by printer sharing without compromising on the security and safety that is needed.

1.)   Give your host computer the command to share:

For the printer to be available across several computers, the order needs to be given from the main computer that is actually connected not only to the printer but also to the other computers on the network. Doing this is easy as pie. All you need to do is select the Printer and Faxes option in Control Panel. This option will display a list of printers that have been connected to this host computer. Select the one that you wish to connect and share. For this, you need to select the option, ‘Share this Printer’ by right clicking on the name of the printer.

2.)   Connect the computers that need the printer sharing facility:

Once the printer is available for sharing, you need to add this printer to the computers that will need the printers if you wish to use them. For this, all you have to do is select the icon that reads Printers and Faxes in Control Panel of the computer that is on the network of the host computer. This will display the list of printers that are available on the network for sharing. Select the one with which you would like to connect your computer with. You can then convert PDF to Word online and have it printed on this shared printer.

3.)   Checking the encryption:

Although you wish to connect your printer on the network for other computers to make use of it, you first need to make sure that the printer meets the encryption requirements that are important from the security point of view. Essentially, a printer must support the WPA encryption. Alternately, it can even be WEP encrypted. This helps keep the sharing secure over the network and any kind of misuse can be actively prohibited.

4.)   Additional security measures:

Where there is a computer, security threats are bound to exist. Therefore, the best way to counter this problem is by ensuring that you use a Firewall at all times. This firewall should not only be installed on the host computer but also across every computer that forms part of the network. Having a Firewall installed is half the security battle won. For added layers of protection, securing your network with strong passwords is also a must.

Besides, one thing that you may need to keep in mind is the fact that for a printer sharing to be successful, you will require the host computer to be switched on and running at all times.

Author’s bio:

Claire Parker is a computer engineer working with a well known firm. She handles all types of computer related tasks including tasks that require her to convert PDF to Word online. She is also a blogger and loves publishing easy DIY tutorials.