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Three Tips On Picking The Right Luggage

If you travel you need luggage. For some people luggage can be as easy as having a duffel bag, and for some people an entire set of luggage is a must. However, it takes some work to decide what luggage is right for you.

First, How Are You Traveling

Your very first step in deciding what luggage you’ll need to buy will depend a lot on how you will be using it. Are you planning on flying? Is it going to be your carry on bag? Is it your only bag?

If you are traveling via car you can pretty much get anything that suits your fancy in will fit in your vehicle of choice. When it comes to flying, however, you have a whole lot more decisions to make.

You’ll need to actually do some research to find out how much luggage your chosen airline allows as well as your allowed weights. You also want to pay close attention to carry on rules so that you don’t end up paying more.

Second, How Much Stuff Do You Need

You may also want to consider how much stuff you will need to fit in your suitcase. If you’re taking a weeklong trip you’d need more items than a two day trip. However, you also need to make sure you aren’t exceeding weight restrictions set by the airline.

If you can fit all of your stuff in one suitcase and fall under the right weight then you’ll definitely save some money luggage shopping. However, if you think that one suitcase will weigh too much you should buy two.

Third, Where Do You Plan To Keep It

You don’t just want to consider the traveling aspect of your luggage, but where will you store it at home? If you buy a big set of suitcases and you live in an efficiency apartment you may be using your suitcases as a bed. Make sure you consider your ability to stow away your luggage when you do your shopping and decision making.

As a side note, you also may want to know that thieves tend to steal black bags more than any other color bag. That means that bag color also matters when you are working on making a decision about what luggage is right for you.

If you take some time to look at online reviews of different types of luggage it may help make the choice easier. There are so many different choices, from hardside and softside to rolling and beyond. Don’t let the decision stress you out, take some time to review and ask questions.

You should also try to buy something sturdy, and look into brands that last longer. This way you won’t need to buy new luggage every year!