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Tips For Saving Money On Office Repairs

Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean that you can’t fix a few things around the house, or even around the office, without calling in a professional to do it. Seriously, snaking a drain isn’t that difficult, and neither is tightening a loose doorknob.

Then again, there are some things that you also don’t want to put your hands on, for various reasons. Here are some tips that will hopefully save you some time and money when it comes to repairing your broken down office equipment, or even a clogged toilet.

Things You Can Do Hands On

When it comes to office repairs, simply painting a scratched up wall doesn’t take a hired contractor to deal with. If you don’t mind getting a little dirty and putting a little elbow grease into things you can easily get it done on your own. The same goes for a stopped up sink or a backed up toilet.

However, even with plumbing, there are some times when you are better off calling in someone with a plumbing license and some expertise. Simply shampooing carpets or polishing a floor can be done with the rental of the machine needed for the job, not a whole company to come in and do it for you. You just need to have the time to get it done while running your business and living your life (sometimes that’s what makes it easier to spend the extra and have someone else do it).

What Not To Touch

If you have a major plumbing issue, you’re better off not touching it and having someone else come in and deal with it for you. You don’t want to make matters worse by trying to fix something that you are not at all qualified to deal with. You may end of paying more to have someone fix your mistakes.

One other faulty thing you should never attempt to fix on your own are any electrical problems that you are having in your business. This is something that should always be worked on by professionals. You seriously don’t want to electrocute yourself, or burn down your office building.

Worrying About Warranties

While it may be easy to fix a broke down copy machine or computer, if you’re savvy with technical equipment, you may want to take a look at your warranty first. If your electronics aren’t under warranty, then go ahead and tinker away. However, if they are, tinkering could ruin your warranty.

If an item has a warranty you are better off getting it fixed under that warranty. It can save you time and money, and it keeps your warranty going for however long its duration is supposed to be. Pop out the CPU in a computer with two years of warranty left and you’ll no longer have any warranty.