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Tips For Planning Your Next Business Function

Whether you are a small business just planning to host a little instruction to what you do to prospective clients, like an AVON lady or someone that just started their own line of beauty products, or you are a larger conglomeration planning a huge business expo for other businesses to attend and share information and products with the general public, you need to know what will attract customers to your event. What is the point in hosting a business event of any kind if you aren’t going to do everything you can to attract supporters?

Picking The Right Venue

There are a few things that go into your venue choice. You need to start out with an estimate of how many people will be there at a given moment. If you are hosting a party within a set period of time your decision may at least be a little easier. You may want to go with someplace a little bigger than your original guest list, if you are allowing people to bring guests, but don’t overdo it or you may be paying for too much space.

Since you need the venue before you can even invite to the event, RSVPs aren’t going to help you any. With larger events, like a business expo or trade show, you want to begin with how many business you expect to be set up, and how much space you plan to give each of them. Will you need space for a stage as well?

Marketing Your Event

Once you’ve found your venue and gotten all of the details planned out, like dates and who’s invited, you need to get marketing. Maybe your event is bigger than just inviting some specific people. If this is an expo or trade show, you want Joe Public to come through and meet the businesses that have come and set up at your event.

That means you want radio commercials, and maybe even TV commercials. You should have flyers around the town your event is in. You may even want to pay for some space in the local newspapers or magazines.

Giving Them What They Want

Don’t advertise anything that isn’t actually set in stone to happen at your event. If you advertise a certain workshop at a certain time, make sure it happens. Yes, sometimes there are experiences out of your control, but if someone comes and pays to get in just for that particular speaker and they aren’t there, you just lost someone that may have spent money visiting your expo for years to come.

Don’t promise free stuff or giveaways unless you know for sure your business attendees plan to supply these things. The easy way to ensure this is to make it a required part of setting up at your business expo or trade show. Many people come to these things just for the freebies, but still end up spending some money with some of the businesses in the long run.