Tips for Boosting Your Lead Capture for High Conversions Rates

Lead capture is currently a marketing strategy that involves saving lead information that your business forms the basis for lead conversions – resulting in paying clients. As a business owner, you get to capture information like the lead’s name, mobile contact, and email address. Mobile lead capture applies customized lead capture forms that give additional metadata such as a postal address, industry/field, business size, or individual title.

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A lead capture solution should include simple forms that are presented to the public using digital platforms. These forms are the primary focus on the landing page. The main aim of the page is to get visitors to fill them with their contact information. Hence you will now boast of having a more powerful data collection tool.

Many businesses are adopting a trade show lead capture app to meet their lead capture needs in the modern-day. The kiosks work well in various places such as malls and retail shops. A free stand kiosk will be ideal if your customers prefer the self-service style of shopping like for a supermarket. In case you are offering over the counter services, then the counter top-stand kiosks are the best to use.

There are well-designed solutions to provide you with quality, timely and continuous lead capture for small businesses and large businesses.

So what are the best design and formatting features that will have a direct impact on your conversion rates?

1.Ensure application supports offline mode

Does the trade show lead retrieval app you choose support working offline? You can capture more leads conveniently or anywhere and save this data on your device that is not connected to an Internet connection. With such an effective mobile lead capture application, you can eliminate incurring costs to pay for data entry. Direct syncs to email or your CRM enables data export as spreadsheets to give tabular metrics.

2.Customization of Lead capture forms

Do you know that a lead capture form that showcases your business logo, as well as the use of bright colors, makes you look great? Thus make an impact on visitors! If you want to create a brand-able design, then a custom background does it well. Extend customization to additional components like the button visitors press when they have completed filling out your form. To boost conversion rates, make use of captions that make them feel more committal, thus imply a significant investment of time and effort. For example, captions like “Click Here” or “Go” perform better than the common “Submit.”

3.Welcoming kiosk greeting screen

Does the digital kiosk for lead capture provide a welcoming greeting screen? Visibility is vital when it comes to drawing your visitors’ attention to give a lead. Of course, you will never want to spook off new clients who are less willing to disclose contact info at first sight. The brand’s picture can be put on the greeting screen to remind what a customer gets in return upon providing leads on the form. The top or bottom positioning is worth it for leads.

4.Ask essential questions

When you ask relevant questions, you are likely to get more leads to reach a client in the future. The more the fields on the form discourages visitors from giving leads, thus lowers conversion rates. Reserve the additional information for some other day. Look for a lead capture mobile application that provides the ability to customize the questions asked on a form quickly.

5.Keep the Forms Shorter

The use of 1-click questions is more time to save for the customer. Many visitors prefer the build and go in minutes!

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