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Tiny Ranker Review: One Stop Solution for All Webmasters

SEO is majorly about picking up the right keyword and following the best practices to rank it on top on search engines. It sometimes becomes really difficult to find the right keyword. For this, we have an awesome tool for you. TinyRanker is the one-stop solution for all your needs. It introduces us to a proficient keyword research tool, which not only finds the right keywords, but also helps in checking the on-page status, rankings, and allows you to keep an eye over your competitors’ keywords. Go through TinyRanker Review and learn more about this awesome tool.


Tiny Ranker: The Brief

TinyRanker is an efficient tool which is created for the users who are really fed-up of using multiple SEO tools that gives false results even charging a high amount. TinyRanker has reached over 3000 customers worldwide and is continuously growing its customer base by providing feature-rich services. One can easily keep an eye over his/her competitor, can track the SERP rankings, can find out profitable keywords and get the reports about site metrics.

Adding the Website to TinyRanker SEO Tool

Here are few easy steps to add your website to TinyRanker interface and analyze it completely. Follow these steps and get the results in minutes.

· You must fill in the site name and the country name for which the stats need to be checked.

· Press ‘Add’ button after performing the above step.


· Now you will be able to see a new screen and will find out few options on left sidebar.


· Find ‘ADD KEYWORDS’ option and try entering your keyword list line by line.


· After the ‘Add Keywords’ button is pressed, you will be able to see the rankings, on-page SEO stats, searches for the keywords and the change in the site rankings over the time. If the ‘Ranking’ option displays ‘New’ then it will take few moments to display the keyword rankings.


Google Analytics

One of the best features that you can utilize after signing in with TinyRanker is that you can easily integrate your Google Analytics account with it. All you have to do is click on ‘Grant Access’ button. You will be asked for Analytics account access. Once you are done with the process, you will be able to check your site’s Google Analytics data directly from the TinyRanker’s dashboard.


Keep an Eye over your Competitors

You cannot miss out watching any of your competitors. It allows you to keep a close watch on your competitor’s website and check how they are performing. All your competitors can be watched with just a single tool. All you have to do is add the competitor’s website and keywords. The data will be analyzed in minutes. The tool automatically shows you the dynamic competitors. You have an option to add the custom competitors by your own.


Reports & Analysis

You can even get the reports mailed to your email id. The email containing the site report can be sent to multiple or single id. You are also allowed to set recurring dates so that the reports can be mailed on specified date & time. These reports have all the crucial information about your site performance on search engines. image


TinyRanker has 4 different packages to offer to you. All these packages allow you to add unlimited sites & users to single account. You can get the reports daily along with the updates. One can easily check the competitor website with each of its plans. The plans only differ in price and the number of keywords that you can add in each plan. Here are the four different plans offered by TinyRanker to all the users:

· Starter: You can avail this plan by paying $19 each month and add 100 keywords to this plan.

· Basic: You can avail this plan by paying $49 each month and add 500 keywords to this plan.

· Expert: You can avail this plan by paying $79 each month and add 1000 keywords to this plan.

· Agency: You can avail this plan by paying $119 each month and add 2000 keywords to this plan. This plan is highly recommended for large businesses.


After buying any of its plan you feel unsatisfied, you can simply contact them and ask for the refund for the amount paid within 14 days of buying the package from TinyRanker. You can even try its free trial version which can be availed by just signing up with TinyRanker. The free-version will let you test the rankings of 50 keywords and will be valid for unlimited sites. Also, it will not ask you to enter the credit card details even if you are using the free plan.

Tiny Ranker: Pros

· The reports can be generated daily and emailed to you according to frequency set.

· The ups & downs in rankings of your keywords can be checked.

· You can keep an eye over your On-page strategies s this tool guides you through it.

· You can integrate Google Analytics with the tool dashboard.

· You can analyze the keywords of your competitors too.

· You can also try its keyword suggestion tool to find out some relevant keywords.

Tiny Ranker: Cons

· It might be difficult for a new user to understand its working without any tutorial.

· The prices of the packages are kept a bit higher. Affordability might be a real concern.

Final Thoughts

The quality-rich services packed with phenomenal support is the reason behind the popularity of this creative tool. The plans are kept little higher on price, but the features of this tool will definitely force you to buy it. It is an all-in-package in just a single tool. It eliminates your need of buying separate tool for different functions. You get most of the necessary features in just a single tool. What more can be asked at this price? I will definitely recommend you to try this tool if you haven’t tried it yet. Yeah, they offer 30 day free trial.