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Three Ways To Have Fun With Fashion

Sure, there are often rules to fashion, and each season the runways are filled with the latest things the designers have come up with that will soon grace the shelves in our stores. Many people follow the trends, but there really is no written rule that says you need to look like you’ve just come off the cover of your favorite fashion magazine.

Why not have a little fun with your fashion. Each season allows different ways to have fun, from crazy layers in the fall and winter to vintage beachwear in the spring and summer. Here are some fun things you can do to change up your own wardrobe anytime.

Play Dress-Up

You don’t have to be a comic book geek to play dress-up, although it might help. While Cosplay can be fun, there are other types of dress-up to play around with as well. Try out a new vintage look, or purchase some clothing from a resale shop that is a look you normally don’t go for.

Guys can try this out as well. Dress in a vintage suit, try some bell-bottoms or a butterfly collar. Have fun with it. Maybe even have a guys, or gals, night out where you all dress up in something that is totally not you and head out on the town.


Wear Bulky Accessories

Most people think that accessories are just for the ladies, but guys can wear accessories as well. For women, good bulky styles are in right now, more professionally known as statement jewelry.Go for bulky and bright earrings and necklaces, and even rings.

For men, it takes a certain kind of guy to wear a huge gold dollar sign necklace, but there are some other stand-out accessories that make for fun wardrobe pieces. Bracelets for men are in right now, and you can find some really creative ones that fit your personality.

Wear Your Technology

Probably one of the most exciting trends right now (oh no, trends!) is the ability to wear your tech. It’s not just about a bracelet that tracks your steps, heart rate, and how many calories you’ve burned though. There is a lot of wearable tech available.

You may be amazed to know that there are jackets, and other clothing and accessory items, that can charge your smartphones and other devices? This may seem crazy, and you might picture some otherworldly clothing you’d never wear, but they can actually be pretty stylish.

All of these fun fashion ideas can give you a different look and let you experience something both fun and stylish. Always dressing and looking the same, day to day, can get stuffy and boring, so changing things up could change your attitude and even boost your confidence.