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This StartUp Wants You To Shop Smart

With all the advancements in Indian e-commerce, from Cash on delivery to wallet payments and huge deep discounting have given rise to a new problem. Problem of choice. Like many, you migh have also asked yourself – “How do I find the best price on a product or a deal?” and “whether I am actually getting the best deal”.

If so, then worry no more… peeps of GrabShack have solved this problem for us. Or to put it more broadly, They have created a search engine for Indian e-commerce space.

GrabShack Screen


As an end user, you can just search for any product (literally anything you can think of) you want to buy online and GrabShack would search across 100+ websites to give you the best price, discounts and deals on that product. It would tell you all the websites selling this product so that you do not have to individually go to different e-commerce websites and compare manually.

COO of GrabShackRobin Srivastava - COO, GrabShack (1)

CEO of GrabShackHarsh Rajat - CEO, GrabShack

Simply put, GrabShack looks into all the e-commerce websites and uses AI to instantly understands what’s happening (kinda like a human / Siri of iPhone) which means it can pull out results from details even when they are absent. For example even the most vague searches (like ISBN of any book or blue color shirt) would give you accurate (and best) results. As GrabShack constantly tries to understand the website and the behavior of its users, it adapts trends before they become a fad.

So would try using GrabShack, next time when you shop?

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