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Things You Need in Your Home If You Love to Entertain

Hospitality is a gift that not everybody has, so when you find someone who is passionate about inviting people into their home and showering them with food, kindness and everything they own, do everything in your power to thank them.

And maybe you’re that person…you love having people over. There is just something so special about having a house full of people. It feeds the soul like nothing else and when you operate in a lifestyle of “what’s mine is yours”, hopefully you’re getting an equal amount of kindness, love, and hospitality given back to you.

If you love to entertain, but are unsure of what you need in your home to be able to better facilitate that desire, here’s what you should have:

A Great Kitchen

Food has been at the center of gatherings for centuries. When people break bread together and drink wine, cocktails, or lemonade, there is a special bond that is made. A gathering is not really a gathering without food, so if you want to entertain, a great kitchen that has the capacity to pump out great food is a must. You kitchen might not look as dreamy as this, but as long as you have an open space and a place to put food, you’re good to go.


Maybe your friends group isn’t full of musicians and wanna be Shakiras, but let’s be honest here. Anyone is the musical type when there is alcohol involved. If you love to entertain, you should be in possession of a host of different instruments. Chances are good somebody is going to know how to play, so have a guitar, a piano, maybe a ukulele, a couple congos or a cajon, and a shaker. When everybody can get involved even if they’re not a singer, it’s a brilliant and memorable time.


Along the same lines, but just as important to entertaining. You need to have a karaoke system if you entertain a lot. It might be a bit of an investment to have a nice catalog of songs for people to sing, but if you just have a microphone that connects to a sound system, you can do poor man’s karaoke off of youtube and it won’t even cost you any money. Trust us on this. Karaoke is not an option. It’s a must for a good party.


Last, but certainly not least, you must have spirits present at your house if you like to entertain. You don’t need everybody to get rip roaring drunk, but when there is alcohol available, people loosen up. Something as simple as wine is all you need to get the party started. People will instantly be able to decompress, and the good times will start rolling.