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The world is shifting from newspaper to online news. But why so?

Newspapers, which once used to be the only source of news updates is sidelined by the present generation for quicker online updates. With overdependence on social media platforms like, Facebook and Twitter, people are more interested in news in short. With fast-paced lifestyle, the majority of people don’t have the liberty of going in depth of every piece of news published in newspapers.


The present generation has different means of being active in the digital world, even when they are on the go, and so, online news becomes the best option for them. Instant and in short, online current affairs can be easily accessed. According to Harvard Political review, revenue of the newspaper industry decreased by 2.6 percent in the year 2013. Newspaper pioneers like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA Today had to cut 20 to 100 jobs in the year, indicating the dwindling future of the print media. On the other hand, The Guardian revealed that in 2013, 55 percent of the people of Britain used the internet to know about current affairs. To further strengthen the growing popularity of online news, there is another research report from The University of Oxford. The University conducted a survey in 26 countries and came out with the statistics that over 53 percent of respondents used smartphones to access news online.

News on the move

Catering to this trend for online updates, many print platforms are publishing news on their online channels and also on different social media platforms. At the same time, there are many sources that function only online for those who access news on their phones. News on the move is a need of the present generation that is drifting away from the laidback lifestyle. It’s the immediacy of the latest news that makes online platforms a preferred option. Availability of news 24 X 7 gives people the option to check latest updates in short intervals. It also helps the younger generation in staying updated with online current affairs, so that they don’t feel left out in any discussion.

Quality content with diversity of viewpoint

Another advantage of keeping a tab on news at various platforms is getting different viewpoints about a particular situation. Newspaper doesn’t give people much time to get different standpoints in one go, and so the feeling of going in depth of news is lost.

The requirement for quality content remains intact even when readers are shifting from newspaper to online news. It has been observed that readers click on related links available with any news to have a comprehensive idea about its background.

Multitasking is another reason for the increasing popularity of online news medium. With various news apps for phones, people can access news anytime and anywhere without the need of putting a halt on whatever they are doing.

Interesting news format to retain reader’s attention

By downloading apps like First Post and Inshorts, one can stay updated with recent happenings in politics, sports, entertainment, and science & technology. It’s the interesting news format of these app that people come back to them again and again for recent updates. Crisp but substantive content with abundant images attracts even those who are not too much into news reading. You can read about all the current affairs on Inshorts, that provides crisp news and easy to read news in 60 words.

The straightforward goal of different news apps is to retain reader’s attention on a continuous basis. The success of a news app lies in the frequency of visits by readers. Plenty of distraction on the small smartphone screen makes it even more challenging for news apps to retain the readers. Social media platforms are the greatest competition for such apps, as people can scroll news easily on Facebook and Twitter by associating with different groups. In such scenario, news apps need to create a balance between text, images and videos.

While the world is taking a jump from newspaper to online news, one thing remains constant is the interest in knowing current affairs, and news apps have the opportunity of making the most out of this love for news.