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The Week in iPad Cases: More iPad mini goodness



Perhaps you’re still bleary-eyed from a late night spent attempting to secure your very own iPad mini—followed by the interminable wait for it to show up on your doorstep. Worry not! Thanks to vendors filling our inboxes with announcements, we’ve got plenty of new cases on tap to help you pass the time in this special second installment of our weekly iPad case roundup.


Cygnett’s Purple Armour


Cygnett iPad: 

The Purple Armour (iPad mini; $40) provides extra-strong protection for your iPad mini without adding excessive bulk. It features a padded, microfiber inner lining for shock absorption and can be used to prop up your tablet at multiple angles for landscape-orientation viewing. It comes in either black or purple and includes all the appropriate openings to ensure unhindered access to ports and cameras.


Dicota’s Smart Lock Cover


Dicota iPad:

 The Hard Back Cover (iPad mini; price unavailable) is a minimalist, snap-on case that protects the back of your iPad mini. It’s made of impact-resistant hard plastic, and, if you prefer a softer feel, also comes in a flexible TPU version, aptly named the Flexi Back Cover (iPad mini; price unavailable). Finally, if you’ve already ordered a Smart Cover from Apple and are looking for a compatible back cover, Dicota makes the Smart Lock Cover (iPad mini; price unavailable) just for you.


DodoCase’s Bookback


DodoCase iPad:

 The company has updated its product line to make most of its models available in the new tablet’s format. These include the DodoCase Classic (iPad mini; $60), the DodoCase Solid (iPad mini; $70). Also available are the less-expensiveHardcover Classic (iPad mini; $35) and Hardcover Solid (iPad mini; $39). All cases come in red, blue, or black exteriors with tan interiors

For a simple but elegant protective solution, you may also want to look at theBookback (iPad mini; $20), an adhesive cover that adds texture and grain to the back of your iPad, protecting it from scratches. It’s available in black, with either a black or red logo.


Incipio’s Feather


Incipio iPad: 

The Feather (iPad mini; $35) is an ultraslim, snap-on case that focuses on providing protection without adding excessive bulk. At just one millimeter of thickness, it takes advantage of a special material the company dubs “Plextonium” to deliver a soft touch. It’s available in orange, black, pink, aqua, purple, grey, or red. If you like the thin format but prefer a different look, you may want to check out the NGP(iPad mini; $35), which is translucent and features a softer feel. It comes in grey, purple, pink, or black.

The Lexington (iPad mini; $40) has the serious professional in mind. It’s built with the same rigid Plextonium material as the Feather, but features a slick, vegan-leather outside, and its front cover can be folded over to provide multiple viewing and typing angles in landscape orientation. The case’s interior microsuede lining keeps your iPad mini safe and clean when not in use.

Finally, the LGND (iPad mini; $35) features a cool convertible front cover that can be folded over, origami-style, to transform into what looks like a very stable stand. It comes in red, black, pink, or grey nubuck suede.


Kensington’s Protective Cover & Stand


Kensington iPad:

 The Protective Back Cover (iPad mini; $20) is made of ultra-thick rubber to keep your tablet safe from drops and scratches, and to offer a superior feel and grip. It’s compatible with Apple’s own Smart Cover, and it comes in clear, black, eggplant, or teal.

If you don’t own a Smart Cover and prefer an all-inclusive solution, Kensington has you covered with the Protective Cover & Stand (iPad mini; $35), which joins a snap-on case with a foldable cover that doubles as a stand for typing or viewing in landscape orientation. It’s available in black marble, brown marble, or tan snake.


OnGuard’s 10 Inch Sleeve


OnGuard iPad: 

For full-size iPads, the 10 Inch Sleeve (iPad 1, 2, and 3; $50) wraps around your tablet and protects it from bumps and scratches during transport thanks to a soft, microsuede interior. The magnetic clasp keeps everything secure, and the sleeve itself folds over into a cleverly-designed stand that props up an iPad without you having to carry extra gear.


Targus’s Versavu Rotating Case


Targus iPad:

 The Vuscape (iPad mini; $40) incorporates a hardshell to protect your device from unexpected meetings with hard or sharp surfaces, and features a built-in portfolio-style stand for viewing or typing. It comes in blue or red. For additional flexibility, the Versavu Rotating Case (iPad mini; $50) adds the capability to rotate the iPad mini for viewing in either landscape or portrait orientation.

WaterField Design: The Outback (iPad 2, 3, 4, and mini; $39 to $44) is a sleeve that mixes the old-world look of worn canvas with the high-grade protection of neoprene. It features a sturdy, leather closure that snaps shut and keeps everything safe during transport, and it can be fitted with optional D-rings and a shoulder strap for that Indiana Jones look you’ve always wanted.


WaterField Design’s Outback


For a little more capacity, the iPad Wallet (iPad 2, 3, 4, and mini; $69 to $79) features enough internal space for both an iPad (with or without a Smart Cover) and an Apple keyboard, keeping each in its separate pocket. And if you need to take your office on the road, the iPad Travel Express (all iPad models) has enough room to also fit cables, power adaptors, notepads, pens, and, in all likelihood, a secretary.

The Ultimate Sleevecase (iPad 2, 3, 4, and mini; $59 to $64) and the Exo SleeveCase (all iPad and iPad mini models; $53 to $59) are each sleeves designed to fit your iPad with or without one of Apple’s Smart Covers. Both cases have been designed to be checkpoint-friendly and get you through airport security without having to take your tablet out of the sleeve.

For a more colorful look, you may want to look at the iPad Slip Case (iPad 2, 3, 4, and mini; $27 to $29), whose waterproof material keeps moisture at bay while protecting your device from everyday bumps and scratches. I can be had in black, blue, green, charcoal, red, or silver. Its more luxurious cousin, the iPad Smart Case (iPad 2, 3, 4, and mini; $57 to $59), features a stitch-free construction and multiple layers of protection; it’s available in green, red, copper, pine, pearl, or black.

That leaves us with the iPad Suede Jacket (iPad 2, 3, 4, and mini; $15 to $25), WaterField’s thinnest offering, made from thin suede to keep your hardware protected from scratches—perfect for slipping into a larger carrying bag or briefcase. It comes in black, and it’s designed to fit snuggly around your tablet thanks to its special “memory” construction.


Woodford Design’s Inkee


Woodford Design iPad:

 The idea of a customizable case is nothing new, but what about a printable one? Woodford’s Inkee (iPad 2 and 3; £24.99) comes with a special stick-on backing that you can run through your own inkjet printer to create a one-of-a-kind case that fits your whim down to the finest pixel. The case, which is available in either white or black, comes in a package with five blank backings, giving you plenty of opportunities to let your creativity run wild.

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