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The Tech Behind an Electronic Cigarettes

Over the last few years, as smoking bans have been enforced all over the worldwhich are aimed helping people stop smoking, electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. Even celebrities such as Justin Bieber have been seen using an e-cigarette. However, a fair bit of technology is involved in making these devices work and turn a smoker into an avid vaper.

An electronic cigarette is made of three parts, the tank (or subtank as it is also known) which holds the flavoured nicotine the atomiser which heats and vaporizes the liquid and the rechargeable battery which provides the necessary power to turn smoke into vapour.

1. The atomizer
The atomizer is a small heating element in which a wicking material draws on a coil in order to turn the e-liquid into vapour. Basically, when the user inhales, a pressure sensor will activate the heating solution and turn the liquid into vapour. In order for this to happen, the liquid must reach a temperature ranging between 100 and 250 degrees centigrade. In other words, the atomizer aerosolizes the vapour in its chamber before releasing it.
The vapour is either released manually with the help of a button or automatically; it all depends on the type of mod the vaper is using.

2. The tank/subtank and the e-liquid

The tank or subtank as it is also is where the e-liquid is stored before it is turned into vapour by the atomizer. The liquid contained in the tank contains Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine as well as flavouring.

Propylene Glycol is an organic chemical compound and generally appears in the form of a colourless liquid which is almost odourless; however it has a slightly sweet taste; therefore the more Propylene Glycol can be found in an e-liquid, the sweeter it will be.

Vegetable Glycerine is a simple sugar alcohol compound or polyol, it is generally derived from plants such as soybeans or palm or can be recreated synthetically. It is also important to note that like Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine is an odourless liquid. However it is thicker than Propylene Glycol so mixing both compounds adds thickness to the e-liquid.

However, both these chemicals are not harmless as they are widely used as sweeteners by the food industry.

Another important component of the eliquid is of course the nicotine which is mixed with both the Propylene Glycol and the Vegetable Glycerine in order to ensure that vaping is as close as possible to actual smoking.

A smaller capacity subtankis available to vapers who are not heavy users as they do not hold as much e-liquid. An example of such a tank is the KangertechSubtank Mini which is particularly popular within the vaping community.

In order to maintain the tank in working order it is advisable to clean or change as often as possible; particularly if your e-liquid doesn’t taste as it used or if there is a burning sensation in your throat after every drag you take.

3. The Battery

An electronic cigarette battery is generally a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, therefore allowing the user to vape for longer. This also means the battery can be charged using a standard mains charger or even in some cases a computer USB port.

Also the batteries come in a variety of intensities ranging from 60 Mah to much higher intensities. The battery you choose depends entirely on how often you use your device; however it is advisable to go for a lower intensity battery if you are just starting out.
There are also a few precautions to take when choosing a battery as you will often have the choice between original part and clones so ensure you have a reliable e-cigarette supplier who will supply you with original parts or high quality clones.

Whilst a lot technology is involved in the make-up of an electronic cigarette, it remains a relatively simple device which is easy to use. Like all gadgets, there are many variations on the theme including e-cigars and e-pipes. Therefore providing a fully-customizable device in accordance with the vaper’s needs.