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The Secret Art of taking perfect pictures

Taking a perfect picture is an art, and you don’t need a professional photographer for the same. It is very easy to get it done provided you follow some simple tips. We have tried to condense it in some short tips that would help you to get the best pictures.


  1. Stay on top of the focus: Make sure that you pay a lot of attention to the focus. It is important to make sure that your hands are steady. If you are looking to shoot up for an important occasion, make sure that you use a professional stand.
  2. Prefer bright colors: Make it a point to take the photograph in bright color. When you take the pictures in the bright color; it adds more vibrancy to the images. It is important to ensure that your colors are aligned well and you add a taste to the image. You can use the dark themes too, but they need advanced lenses and can take a lot of professional competence. And if you are one of those who is not very steady, then you should seriously mark that out – unless it is absolutely essential.
  3. Think of a theme: Taking pictures in a theme can be very useful. Consider this – if you are taking up a theme called life, make it a point to take a picture that is in sync with your overall theme. Once you do that, you would be able to relate the entire set of pictures to it. Be it any theme make sure that you take pictures that are pursuant to it.
  4. Capture Emotions: More than the poses, it is important to capture the current emotions. Emotions add a timeless value to the picture. It adds more flavor to the picture and makes it more attractive. If you are considering to sharing the pictures on social media, then you must pay a lot of attention to make sure that it is rich in emotions.
  5. Add voice: Adding a voice can be a great thing to do, it would marginally increase the size of the image (typically one-hundredth part) and can be easily shared across the portal. Until recently there was nothing as such but fortunately, there is now a portal called voxweb that allows users to add voice to the image. It also allows them to share it with their friends or upload it to a portal called life.

Voxweb is changing the landscape of image sharing and is making it easier for people across the world to share images. Audio images are marked in yellow color and are the flavor of this season. Yash Mishra, a graduate from prestigious IIT said, “Orange color lines will change the image sharing as we know them now.”

The craze of the speaking pictures is picking amongst users and many celebrities and users are dubbed to be using this portal for sharing images. It is something unprecedented in image sharing landscape and is adding a lot of vibrancy to image sharing.