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The n00b’s guide to sounding cool on social networking websites

in case you’ve been residing below a rock for very long and ask questions like “what is a Twitter?” pay attention. Social Media one hundred and one is in session

The n00b's guide to sounding cool on social networking websites

in case you’ve been dwelling beneath a rock for extraordinarily long and as questions like “what is a Twitter?”, listen. Social Media one hundred and one is in session and right here’s all you want to know about sounding cool on Twitter, Facebook and Integra. Hipsterlet’s begin with the very fundamentals of social media. There’s the web. Then there are folks on the internet. After which there are hipsters on it. They’re the blokes who’ve been-there-finished-that, at all times, every single time. For those who’ve completed a fab factor, they’ve achieved it before you. In case you’re on Integra now, they’ve been filtering the hell out of their decaf Starbucks take-away considering that ahead of you were born. Well, no longer actually. they’re the epitome of being underground. They’re extra underground than your underground subway. They’ve heard of stuff you won’t be listening to about for the subsequent three years. And while you at last do, the hipsters will be around, of their baggy clothes and big rimmed spectacles, tagging their Mac Books round to tell you – We heard it first. in a tweet :< /strong> those hipsters are so underground; they’ve most certainly by no means seen sunlight.

Hipster or homeless? We'll never know (Image credit:

Hipster or homeless? we will never know

Duck face and Elfiepricey me, we’ve stumbled upon the pin point of fact messed up a part of the web and that i don’t imply 4chan. when you’ve at last ended up including all the faculty pals, the faculty pals, the mask Ki lake, the new neighbor and the lengthy misplaced woman-who-seemed-like-a-guy-and-now-appears to be like-like-a-bomb on fob, you’re going to notice an extraordinary thing in most of their footage. They pout quite a bit. not your standard pucker-your-lips more or less pout, but the “Oh my God! Stop thrusting your lips into my digital lens!” more or less a pout. That, my friend, is a duck face. When men and women make and energy to look like a duck, you know things have begun to move downhill. A phrase of warning: by no means tell a duck face that she or he is one if you do not want your eyes gouged out. Simply inform them that they have got a horny pout and run off to the safer components of the Interwebz. A sulfide, however, is the bane of front-facing smartphone cameras. For some motive, people will end up taking pictures of extreme shut-u.s.of their face for no obvious motive. They’re almost certainly closet models, however you’d somewhat not find out. These pictures are usually so bad that you’ll be capable to see pimple marks on their face from after they had been teenagers. Very strong when combined with a duck face.

For the love of god! Stop!

for the love of god! Stop!

in a tweet: Man, I’ve run out of profile pictures for Facebook. Guess I’ll take a selfie and add in a duck face for good measure. #Haunthere’s a tweet template you need to use, particularly for those who’re all for being part of the Indian Twitter scene. That is the hash tag you need to use so as to add a slight double-that means twist to an apparently innocuous tweet. This one comes in most handy to add an “if-you-know-what-I imply” kind of a feel to any person else’s tweet. while this tweet hash tag can turn out to be useful to provoke conversations, use it in extra to have the ladies fleeing far away from you with a “cheer” expression on their face. Will also be replaced with a #TWSS or a #TWHS (That’s what she/he mentioned.) in a tweet :< /strong> the snake was 12 feet long #haunt.



#OKImGoingbelief me, you will need the person to truly go away whenever you spot this hash tag. You see, youngsters, there are some classes you must know of so that you can steer clear of them like the plague. #OKImGoing is one such hash tag. this hash tag primarily gives you the license to crack your worst pun-primarily based PJ, without being killed. The reason behind #OKImGoing is that the one that cracked the comic story does no longer want somebody else to ask him to go soar off a cliff for cracking this type of dangerous one. people assured about their puns will crack them without this hash tag. The second you call to mind the use of this has tag, you have to understand that anyone’s going to send a digital slap your way the moment you hit the Tweet button. in a tweet :< /strong> what do you name an extra-large pair of trousers? Elephant. #OKImGoingFace palmPalm, meet face… face, meet palm. Go Manor Kumar on anyone you don’t comprehend how you can react to. A virtual response to something so incredulous that you’re not sure of whether to cry, snigger at the individual or simply choke-slam them many times. yes, that is most likely the response you will have while you scroll thru most of your fob feed and even Twitter now and then. the easiest way to counterpoint your feeling of face palm is to glue memes or gifs of Captain Jean-Luc Picard of celebrity Trek: the subsequent generation clutching his face in disbelief.


Face palm!

In a tweet: My buddy asked me if the us and use are the identical factor. #Face palmFrappedremember that while you left your fob account open this one time in school and your friend wrote that you simply had been within the closet? Sure, that has a word for it. It’s known as “frapping”. Insensitive as it will sound, frapped is a combination of fob and raping. Problematic pranks and a simple alternate of relationship status all constitute of frapping. commonest frappes are when friends find your Facebook open and announce to the world that you must’ve a homosexual. Different frappes include altering show pictures to these of B-grade celebrities and sending out random buddy requests. In a tweet: We frapped him so bad, he had to explain to his female friend that he didn’t swing that method.Yolo and SwagThe phrases you wish you never come upon while you’re surfing your Facebook and Twitter feed, or worse, your Integra feed. These words are two part bling and one phase stupid. Yes, take it from us, these phrases just about provide the license to be silly for Facebook and Tumbler posts. Yolo – you best are living once – is just like the half of-brained model of “Carpe Diem”. the speculation says which you could and should do the whole thing stupid like eat one thing inedible or get under the influence of alcohol and move out every night time of the week as a result of, well, you simplest are living once. Swag, then again, represents everything douche-disheveled pre-pubescent kids are indulging in this present day. It primarily method appearance and magnificence, or the best way somebody represents themselves. Which means that that you could dig out horribly disheveled garments from the attic, let your pants hang around your ankles and wear a cap that covers all of your face identical to the rod-straight hair to your head do. These phrases are frequently used by youngsters from the age of 10 to about 18, when they with a bit of luck transfer on to stupider things in life. If you have pals who use the time period swag and Yolo in sentences and posts, log off, curl yourself up in a ball in a gloomy room and mirror on what you’re doing in life. in a tweet: if you use Yolo and swag with me in a sentence, i will ensure that you most effective are living as soon as.

Swag? I don't even... (Image credit: Balloverall)

Swag? I do not even…

Orkutiyayes, yes, we’ve all been on Rout at one level of time or the opposite. The social networking web site the place it is advisable to speak about your favorite issues on forums in addition to add your loved ones and shut ones was once identified highest for making “friendship”. Thoughts you. I do not imply friendship. You turned into pals with folks in class, faculty and everyone else on the net. Then again, on Rout, you made friends. It wasn’t wonderful to obtain “scraps” along with an add request where any person with hearts in their title wished to be “friends” with you because you have been adorable, stunning, rushing, et al. these days, if somebody acts leech or slimy on Facebook with you and wants to make “friends” with you, be at liberty to name him an Orkutiya.In a tweet: I acquired a friend request from an Orkutiya ultimate night. Yes, they nonetheless exist.

N00bUnskilled, unaware, thoughrougly undecided of what he’s doing in a game or a social networking site. Usually used to explain someone who doesn’t play games for 22 hours a day at least, it is advisable to call any person an n00b on a social networking website online if they seem like they may be venturing out of their relief zone. It doesn’t occur every single time, but that you may spot most n00bs once they appear cocksure of issues they aren’t imagined to be cocksure about. There isn’t any disgrace in calling any individual an n00b once they do this. especially when one tries to high school you in a topic of your expertise.In a tweet: The n00b tried to inform me why Pakistan’s cricket workforce is healthier than ours.



#Like BossThis term describes all that is awesome about you. You’re the boss and the world is your stage. Whilst you show off about doing one thing good in a much more superior method, you’re doing it like a boss. Now, we’re now not sure why “boss” is shown to be awesome right here, as a result of let’s face it, you don’t like your boss. This is a great exercise in self-motivation to push you to be the boss. Like a boss. in a tweet :< /strong> this article has now made you able to taking the social networking world head-on. #Like Boss.



So kids, you may send to your guru-dakshinas to me via cheese or cash. Frankly, I want you merely follow me on Twitter and Integra as a result of, let’s face it, this is why we’re all here!

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