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The most Reliable and Efficient- Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

There have been numerous times when we accidental deletes our data from the storage devices or there is a system crash. If you think that it is the end, then it is not because we have the most effective as well as safe Windows data recovery software, which helps in retrieving all the lost or deleted data, including emails, photos, videos, documents, music, etc. from the PC’s hard drive, the WONDERSHARE DATA RECOVERY TOOL. Not only from a PC’s hard drive, but it even helps us to recover files from recycle bin and other storage devices like iPods, external hard drives, USB drives, etc.


Wondershare Data Recovery Tool is not only for PC data recovery, but even is available for Mac data recovery too. It is easy as well as a powerful tool which helps the users to recover deleted files from hard drive quickly. This tool manages to recover the files safely as well as effectively from all the storage devices. This tool even supports diverse file systems, including exFAT, FAT32, FAT16 and NTFS.

It is one of the most user-friendly data recovery tool which runs directly from the normal drive, unlike the other data recovery tools which needs significantly needs a drive for carrying out the process without enabling the permissions from the owner. It does feature four unique recover modes which help the users in finding all the missing files quickly in the shortest time span. These options include:

· Securing questions in a Wizard Mode Recovery

· Deleted and formatted files with actual file name and path to the Lost File Recovery

· Fetching the corrupted as well as lost partitions in Partition Recovery

· Deep scans on the file system which is corrupted in Raw Recovery

This tool even helps in retrieving the data from all the inaccessible folders in a safe and secure way and supports more than 500 file formats, including zip files. It is flexible enough to adjust itself as per the need of the users. It even allows the users to stop the scanning process in between because the process takes much time and can be resumed afterwards. It even allows the users in previewing the common files, images, document formats before retrieving or restoring them. This significantly helps in retrieving the most important data.

Overall, Wondershare Data Recovery Tool has a friendly interface as well as clear instructions which makes the data recovery quick and safe. It is only a read-only model which does not damage the system or overwrite any files. It even ensures the flexibility as it does give the user an option for pausing as well as restarting the process of scanning. Without having prior experience, the data recovery tool by Wondershare is the best tool for PC and Mac users for recovering the deleted or missing files from the devices. Lastly, it provides peace of mind to the users who often fear of losing their data.