The “McDonald’s ” of Education Plans

McDonald’s is astoundingly a hit at Robottip, purveying inexpensive, speedy food of continually excessive first-rate. They have carried out this primarily via standardization and first-rate control. It’ll be nearly identical if you buy an “Egg McMuffin” or a “Big Mac” at an outlet in Seattle, Milwaukee, Chicago, or Miami.

The "McDonald's " of Education Plans

Standardization is increasingly making inroads into education. Once the realm of variety (of opinion, thought, technique, coaching approach, school room styles, and many others.) and independence (educational freedom), the better training lecture room is being transformed into a “product” kind of shipping device. In this example, the “products” are the principles, lesson plans, group physical games, assignments, and the training itself.

The cause of this modification is to offer a “standard” excessively excellent student classroom within disciplines and across institutions. With the pupil being the customer (purchaser) of the instructional shipping device, we want to ensure they get the highest viable, satisfactory product. The important thing is “high-quality management” and standardization.

Instead of the after-the-fact fine control supplied through instructor “critiques,” “classroom observations,” and the like, the method introduces a far more intrusive and directive model. Lesson Plans, certainly, complete guides and curricula are loaded into pre-packaged modules, on thumb drives (USB), or onto computer systems or servers.

As in the speedy meals business, manufacturing, or other product-generating sectors, the product introduction and shipping method is advanced to benefit the efficiency and effectiveness received in the industry.


JUST LIKE McDonald’s

Like McDonald’s, where the client can expect to enjoy a widespread, high-quality product served in clean, properly-designed surroundings, the pupil consumer can expect convenient shipping of the instructional product for his intake and enjoyment – “pleasure assured.”


First, a product group is assembled. In this example, McDonald’s consists of educational specialists plans, curriculum designers, path writers, technology professionals, product representatives, trainers, content experts, etc. The product development procedure is based on final results targets, i.e., “What can we want the scholar to know?” “what ought he examine at some point of this path?” and “How can we decree that?” This “starting at the stop” philosophy is essential. It maintains the spotlight on the product, promotes satisfaction, and, in the end, “patron pleasure.”


Gen Y college students have exceptional expectations from their predecessors and are less likely to indulge in outdated instructional techniques and strategies. They call for to be engaged.

Instructors are partly selected on their potential to “entertain” and “tell.” They are expected to be animated, funny, attractive, and unique. They are expected to carry understanding in handy, enjoyable, and pleasant bites.


The more standardized the process will become, the less range for the educator, the more prescribed the content material, sporting activities, and studying activities are, and the more the commercial enterprise managers of the profession and “for earnings” faculties adore it. This idea can also benefit the scholar as it concentrates on an excellent, standardized study room.


Once the instructor has mastered the generation, the whole educational system is easier beneath this version. Everything is pre-packaged. No messy improvement of lesson plans – they’re already finished – and achieved well. No thinking about creative getting to know sports and strategies – they’re already there. You should almost do it in your sleep! (if it wasn’t for the requirement to be animated and interesting.)


Students in this new training version could be immersed in generation during their degree program. This is the arena of today and the future. They will participate and interact with SMARTboards, laptops, WiFi, simulations, business games, far-flung “clickers,” interactive mastering, actual-world applicable initiatives, presentations, and so forth. It’s designed to fit their learning patterns and attention spans. It is pre-eminently intended to prepare them for their careers. Although many students are “comfy” with the era, fewer are talented and have an in-intensity knowledge. The curriculum has to help them grow to be extra gifted and better prepared for the age demands of the destiny business surroundings. The intensely technological nature of the classroom experience also addresses the numerous mastering styles. The auditory learner could have voice, tone, and noise. The visible learner will experience the movies, PowerPoint, and different visuals. The kinesthetic learner will admire the arms on components, particularly the SMARTboard.

Student satisfaction is, of course, a primary goal. In particular, for-profit education exists to serve the student, even as jogging a commercial enterprise. And, through serving and pleasing the pupil, in the long run, the student will stay in school, graduate, and research precious expertise and skills in the method. These graduates will benefit the enterprise community and society at large. A superior society like ours significantly depends on a knowledgeable and efficient populace.


What do employers want and want? The link to company necessities is an important one. Businesses want knowledgeable workers. They require technologically adroit personnel who can meet the demands of hastily converting technological surroundings and a surprisingly aggressive scenario.

Ours is an effective society. Businesses spend billions of bucks on education and re-educating their employees. “Business Ready” graduates can be extra effective from day one, and employers will appreciate this.



Purists could argue that the greater traditional tactics are most effective and that instructional freedom is infringed upon. They would say that teachers should be employed based on their knowledge, excellent education, understanding of history studies, and contributions to their field. They would certainly opt to see pure “academicians” and “students” in the lecture room. However, there’s room for a thrilling debate right here. Is it about the instructor or the pupil? We remember it’s about each; however, whose wishes precede? The solution needs to be – THE STUDENT! After all, the entire academic gadget is in location to meet the pupil’s needs and, in the end, society.

Instructors with actual international, realistic experiences without technophobia could be more adaptable to this new format and better prepared to relate to the pupil.


There’s always room for a large range of opinions and procedures in education. Let’s do that new one. It works in the commercial enterprise – why now not schooling? This might be why Career Colleges embrace the approach much more readily than their mainstream counterparts. The “for-earnings” Career Colleges are, in reality, the leading edge of this initiative and “early adopters.”

We all know that “great” is a problem in schooling. Graduates with equal credentials will have unique capabilities, understanding, and skills. This is and always has been a subject. This standardized, pleasant-confident model addresses that problem.

Sure, this instructional model is arguable because it needs to be! But the stop result may also be that scholars have a reasonably similar revel in, learn similar competencies, and emerge as better “suits” in the global business. Employers can be more confident that graduates can understand the actability base they require to be successful members. They will possibly, sooner or later, desire to be complete individuals within the curriculum development manner. In the globally aggressive market, this could be what is wanted.

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