The Craze of Social Media Trends in 2021

Social Media

In its inception, social media platforms started as a new and innovative method of communication and connection among friends and family. With time and refinement, it has transformed into an asset for countless businesses across the globe. This significant enhancement is now presenting a vast number of opportunities for brands in the new year.

2021 Social Trends

In recent years, social media has bridged the gap to new customer experiences with its ability to offer discovery, connection, and entertainment. More and more industries worldwide are adapting to recent social media trends to bring new momentum to their marketing strategies and breathe life into the engagement of their consumers.

Social Trends

If your organization needs a boost in its social marketing tactics, here are a few great social trends you will want to implement this year:

1. Emphasizing on Easy-to-Consume Content

Making a strong statement in 2020, easy-to-consume content is trending again in 2021— specifically, podcasts and newsletters. These two forms of easy-to-consume content are growing assets for businesses due to their convenience to users who are always on the go.

A recent study shows that 55% of Americans now listen to podcasts, while newsletter consumption increased 14% during the initial COVID-19 quarantine. Even advertisers are jumping on this bandwagon as more and more ad spend is being contributed to US podcasts.

In uncertain times like these, newsletters and podcasts are excellent tools for outreach and support. Readily available content can help businesses connect deeply with their audiences. Utilized correctly, podcasts can easily become a relevant resource for those seeking comfort, support, and motivation in their purchasing journey. If you want to elevate your social media marketing, emphasizing easy-to-consume content may be the way to go.

2. Grow Organically on Instagram with Reels

Video marketing is surging across social media, and with Instagram’s newest platform addition—Reels—this trend will continue on an upward swing. Like Stories, Reels allows you to record and edit short, 15-to-30-second videos that can be shared on your feed or your story. Like TikTok, Reels will enable users to engage with their audience with unique and entertaining content.

Reels could be the key to growing your audience in the new year. Many influencers are utilizing Reels to share their thoughts and experiences on various companies, products, and services.

Grow Organically

3. Pinterest Is Making a Comeback

Pinterest has been around for over a decade, and while its popularity ebbed and flowed throughout the years, this inspiring platform is returning.

Due to the pandemic, Pinterest’s app usage skyrocketed, topping 400 million monthly active users, and even hit an all-time high in searches after rolling out its “Today” tab.

Now, Pinterest acts as an even bigger informational hub — allowing users to discover new brands, products, tutorials, and more.

If you maximize your utilization, Pinterest can open your business to a powerful audience. Consider creating content that will guide those searching for your products or services and why they need these services or products.

Making a Comeback

4. Social Media Communities are Booming

Social communities, like Facebook Groups, are not new, but it’s certainly a thriving component of social media platforms. Either private or public, these groups allow like-minded people to come together and discuss their shared interests. However, increasingly, businesses are using social communities as a networking platform for their customers.

We are now seeing many brands using their social media communities to launch new products, receive valuable feedback, and, ultimately, gain insights into their consumer base. This social trend can prove to be highly beneficial for businesses in all industries. All companies should consider creating social media communities that allow staff, past customers, and potential customers to share experiences, discuss services and products for their businesses, and learn how to promote their business online accurately.

Social media has completely revamped how we build connections in a way not many could ever expect. It lends a helping hand to many who need support or services for digital marketing, whether for the home, business, or personal needs. Most importantly, it’s opened the doors for various industries to gain the exposure they need to build a thriving business.


All businesses across the globe should be utilizing social media marketing practices. Doing so will maximize opportunities, reach people in need, and provide the resources to drive more business and revenue.

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