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Simply the best – the coolest online casino games

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We all know – playing in an online casino is fun and it can make you rich, if you bring your good luck charm and your wits. But what is the best – really the best? Which is the coolest casino game, which is the one with the biggest winnings? We visited the best online casino sites, including the well-known Europa Casino and conferred with gambling pro and casino masters to find the superlatives for you.


The biggest Winnings
So – where can you rake in the most money in one game? The answer is clear once you had a glance at the online casino winning pages. The slots and their progressive jackpots pay out tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes even up to a million. Yes, the chances are not good, but be honest – how are the odds for you to win a million in any case?
The coolest Game
Ask anyone – there is only one game that is so stylish even the best and brightest cannot resist its charm. We of course talk about blackjack, the game of 21. You will feel a stronger urge do don a tuxedo and order a martini. Blackjack is easy going, non-competitive – so you can flirt with the ladies without giving away your game – and it is indeed very winnable.
The most fun Game
If you measure popularity by the amount of players that are into the game there is just one possible answer: it has two hole cards, a flop, river and a turn. Yes, it’s poker. No other casino game has more followers than this card game – and no game has made more people rich either. It is the perfect casino game – it is hard, it can be calculated and the stakes are high.

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