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The Confusing Case Of Legal Marijuana

Some states have legalized marijuana, some state have decriminalized it, and some states have simply loosened up on their marijuana laws. This, while making some people happy, has also created a lot of confusion, and if you don’t know why you’ll learn soon within this article.

For the people that have found comfort in marijuana, whether as pain relief from their chronic pain or as nausea relief because of their cancer treatments, marijuana is a medical miracle. For people that just enjoy the recreational effects, it has been a way to calm stress and make a rough day less of a pain.

But is it really legal, even if your state says it’s so?

Federal Marijuana Laws

Just because your state has legalized marijuana doesn’t mean it is completely legal. As it currently stands, marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. This means that if the area you get busted in doesn’t want to follow your state laws they can make problems for you.

It also means that if you get tried on a federal level, for any reason, you probably won’t get off, even if your state says it’s legal. Until the federal government jumps on the legalized weed bandwagon, there will always be some confusion and some stateside issues when it comes to the legal use of this mostly harmless drug.

Follow Your Local Laws

If you are a marijuana user, whether it’s for health or recreation, it pays to at least know your local laws. Know how much you can get caught with without going to prison. Know how often you have to renew your medical marijuana card if your state requires one, and what that card actually does for you.

Just like in every other instance of laws, ignorance is no excuse. Just because you didn’t know that you couldn’t carry drug paraphernalia on the commuter train doesn’t mean it will get you out of the fine for doing so. In fact, you could even be used to set an example to other drug users. Play it safe.

Get A Good Representative

If you do live in a more lax state, when it comes to marijuana laws, and you do get busted for possesion, get yourself a good lawyer that works specifically on these types of cases. It could mean the difference between jail time and maybe just a small fee.

By hiring a representative that knows the loopholes and laws, when it comes to marijuana use, you will be saving yourself a lot of headaches. You may still end up losing your stash, and not being able to get it back, but that’s a far cry better than jail time or having a record.

On The Job

Legal marijuana use can also be confusing when it comes to the working population as well. Just because your state says that it’s legal doesn’t mean your employer will be okay with you using it, even if you aren’t high on the job.

Even a medical marijuana card might not be enough to get you past a work drug test, and you may need your lawyer to keep you from losing your job in the case of legal marijuana use.