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The CharmOf Summer Diaries – Discover Ideas Aplenty

Bright sunny days and cosy nooks, dried flowers and leaves pressed between a notebook, ice creams on end, lemonade and baked goodies, exciting journeys or lazy afternoons – what picture does summer evoke for you and your children? Do you remember last summer? How about the one from the year before?

While the summer brings blazing sun, it also provides ample time to kill in the form of vacations. You may wish to let your kids indulge in pleasures of the outdoors, enrol them in summer camps or go for the annual family holiday, a small yet significant thing you can introduce your kids to is the concept of summer diaries.

Have time to kill? Why not use it?


Simple experiences or special times, diaries are wonderful companions to tuck away experiences and memories. For children, they can also double up as a way to keep in touch with the habit of writing and improvise upon their handwriting. It need not be filled with pages full of written thoughts- just a line or two, every day is a great start too. They may even like to continue it as a hobby. In the age of gadgets, this provides a wonderful way to capture endearing moments with a personal touch. We have rounded up some awesome ideas to start off one:

· The Travel diary: For those bitten by the travel bug

Summer travels no matter how long or short, brings stories along. So, if you are going on one, you can encourage your child to write about the day gone by. This small project could well get them enthusiastic about recording events from their day to day life.

· The Happy thoughts diary: Encourage your kids to look on the brighter side of life

Just before bedtime, get your child to list three different things that made him or her happy that day. Over time, this creates a sense of gratitude for all that is. Hint, hint – It is especially useful for those sulky ones who say they are always bored.

· The Food critic’s diary: For those who love to comment on the spread

Whether you are eating at home or out fine dining, if your kid loves food, get them to try this one. Ice cream sundaes or corn cobs, sandwiches or an elaborate dinner, get your child to write their personal opinion about anything they eat. Get your child to rate it with stars and you have a budding reviewer in the making!

· The “Dear Kitty” diary: For older kids to express their personal thoughts

Your adolescent children may be more privy to their feelings and thoughts. A private diary a la Anne Frank provides a great mode of self-expression and vent emotions or record experiences. Intense moments or exclusive opinions – they can be sure of a non-judgemental friend which also allows them to explore all these in the form of a diary.

These are just a few ideas, getting your child on a project of their interest is the key. That will keep alive the “fun” factor.

Make it to their order

While any book will serve the purpose, you can also use a printedpremium notebook to ensure the longevity of such projects. Online printing stores brings to you the option of personalising such notebooks. You could make reading interesting through a selection of fun bookmarks for kids. You can even get your artsy ones to design their own or choose from a range of ready to use templates and create custom labels and more.