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The Best Marketing Automation Software- GetResponse v/s Infusionsoft

For every business, it is really important to have Marketing Software because the only thing which can help your business stand out well in the crowd is the Effective Marketing. It is all about how you manage to get new customers and retain them with you as your loyal clients. If you don’t bother about having a proper marketing process, then your business might crumble. It really takes an effort to have a great marketing process especially for the start-ups and the small businesses. Because they do lack in manpower and thus they fail to devote much in marketing. Or it might be possible that you have a large business and want to have software which can make the work easy for you. And here comes in the Marketing Software.


GetResponse v/s Infusionsoft- A Comparison

So, here we have the two amazing Marketing Automation Software companies, GetResponse and Infusionsoft. We are here with this article in order to help you decide which the best for your business is. We will briefly discuss few similar and different aspects of both.


To start with the comparison of these two great Marketing Automation Software companies, the best to consider is the Pricing. It is because the pricing of the software will be a major factor to make your decision.

GetResponse offers its users with 4 different pricing packages which start from a basic plan for $15 per month with 1000 subscribers. After the basic plan, it offers 3 more levels, including Pro plan for $49 per month, Max plan for $165 per month and Enterprise plan for $799 per month with increasing number of subscribers. These are the limited and the lower packages available by any Marketing Automation Software company which offers all the basic features. But, selecting the higher priced packages, it does offer numerous features including Webinars and Custom Domain.


Like GetResponse, Infusionsoft also offers its users with 4 different packages with the basic plan, Essentials for $199 per month, which is really a significant jump to the GetResponse’s basic plan. Then we have the other pricing options including Deluxe, Complete, and Team. The Essentials and the Deluxe plan doesn’t include all the features, but the Team plan is offered at a rate of $599 per month, which is less than the Enterprise level of GetResponse which offers all the features.


Ease of Use

GetResponse is one of the easiest marketing tools available in the market. With any much difficulty, even the beginners can use this tool easily. The official website of GetResponse is really eye-catchy which will attract you for sure. And yes, after using this software, you won’t be able to disagree with any of these claims. All the steps are easy and simple to follow and even there is no need for any technical background to use it.


Unlike GetResponse, Infusionsoft offers the users with the features which can leave them in the state of perplexity. This marketing software has been designed with the minimalistic approach. And those who are having previous knowledge of using similar software or have experience in designing can use this software easily. For the beginners, this software is quite hard to understand to use it effectively.

Features for Users

Each of these two Marketing Automation Software companies offers different features to their users.

GetResponse is widely popular because of its features which they offer to their users. This software not only helps the businesses with Marketing Automation but also helps with other marketing campaigns. It does allow the users to design the email marketing campaigns, landing pages; track the details of a website, webinars and using the auto responders for emails.

On the other hand, Infusionsoft is much more than digital marketing software. This tool is specifically meant for other forms of marketing including sales management, CRM and much more. This tool helps the businesses all the options including online sales management, sales automation, payment options and much more. But, unfortunately, this tool lack in some basic marketing features.

Marketing Automation

Every business needs an Email Marketing Software because of Marketing Automation. And this feature is offered by both companies, GetResponse and Infusionsoft. But the only difference between the two is the Ease of Use.

The Marketing Automation feature by GetResponse helps the users with easy to design as well as scheduling and setting up all the actions. The auto-responder tool is effective which helps in maintaining 1 on 1 communications. This feature of GetResponse is a straightforward process for designing automation.


On the other hand, the Marketing Automation feature by Infusionsoft is quite difficult and confusing to use. And it is not designed for the beginners. Yes, they do offer the auto-responders, but unlike the GetResponse’s customizable features.

Final Thoughts

We have reviewed all the features offered by these two Marketing Automation Software companies and our clear choice is GetResponse. And the reason for choosing GetResponse as the winner between the two is that they offer the businesses with all the categories as well as the options which they desire for. Also, it is really easy to use and manageable software which offers competitive pricing plans. So, most of the businesses look out for these features which are finally found it GetResponse.