The Best Kitchen Cutting Board Tips

A cutting board is one of the most utilitarian items found on the premises of your kitchen. Even though most of us have used a cutting board for our meal preparations, there are several tips and tricks that you can use to optimize the functionality of your cutting board.

Keep The Cutting Board From Slipping


Oftentimes, while working in the kitchen, you would find that the cutting board that you are using slips from the counter quite frequently. To avoid this problem, you can use a damp paper towel and place it under the cutting board before using it. This would provide the lower surface of a cutting board with enough friction not to make it move. This would also stabilize the board to use your knife freely to cut vegetables, meats, spices, and the like. With this sturdy cutting board, you would be much less likely to be prone to accidents due to your knife’s slipping all the cutting board itself. This trick works for cutting boards made out of almost all materials. Not to mention that you would be able to use your hands more freely and save up on time to secure your cutting boards from time to time otherwise.

Buy The Right Sized Cutting Board

Another determinant that will be directing your purchase of the best cutting board for your purposes would be determining your kitchen needs’ right size. Although tiny plastic cutting boards are relatively cheaper, if you have a bigger family and prepare meals quite often in larger quantities, it is advised that you invest in a high-quality cutting board of a bigger size. The smaller plastic cutting boards can be used for very particular requirements, such as slicing herbs, smaller vegetables like lime, citrus, preparing your garnishes, and dicing whole spices. However, for more versatile purposes, such as trimming meat, dicing, and mincing vegetables and meat, a larger cutting board would be more conducive to your purposes.

Choose The Right Material

In today’s market, there are cutting boards available in almost every material imaginable. These would range from bamboo, wood, glass, plastic, stainless steel, and such. For most of your needs, a relatively large and heavy-duty wooden or bamboo cutting board would suffice. One of the biggest advantages of a wooden or a bamboo cutting board is that it does not blunt your kitchen knives’ sharp edges so easily, thereby being a popular choice in most kitchens. Using a wooden or bamboo cutting board would also ensure that the knife does not frequently slip when you are using it to dice and chop your vegetables and meat.

Nevertheless, having a plastic chopping board in your possession is imperative if you regularly prepare meat and fish. In this context, the plastic material is preferable because it does not allow the permeation of bacteria from raw meat and seafood. In a cutting board made out of wood, the meat and fishes’ juices would seep into the material and make it more prone to infections. Plastic is a nonporous material, which means that when you rinse the cutting board’s surface, you are also watching over the bacteria present in these food items.

In the past few years, we have also seen the rising popularity of glass cutting boards. However, you will have to keep in mind that glass cutting boards are extremely delicate and are used only for very particular meal preparations. Despite its limitations, a glass cutting board might very well be used as a serving tray.

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