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The Best Data Visualization Software for SMB


The implementation of self service business intelligence software grants small and medium businesses all the tools that were previously reserved for big players. Large budgets or dedicated IT teams are no longer necessary to apply data visualization software. Innovative dashboard builder tools such as datapine are cost-effective, flexible and easy-to use. Let’s go through the data analysis process to see the advantages the tool provides.

Any data analysis should start from the clear statement of the question you want to find the answer to. You must make sure you’ve already collected the data needed to answer this question, identify where it is located and how it can be accessed. Accordingly, you choose the data source you want to connect to your online tool (in the form of CSV file, Facebook, Google Analyticsor the most common SQL databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS SQL for example). Now you are ready to access your intuitive interface with all data categories named on your left side, ready to be dragged and dropped and turned into charts, with no prior SQL knowledge required. All changes in the original data sourcefiles are recognized real-time and automatically updated in your charts and tables.You can now get creative, filter data by numerous criteria or drill down to details.You can also brand the charts by giving them the looks you like. It might be sometimes difficult to choose the chart type that fits best the query at hand so we recommend you to learn more on how to choose the right data visualization from the wide variety of meaningful charts the tool offers. In a matter of minutes you will create a dashboard which can be saved and shared as visual report with selected recipients.It can be viewed on a fixed or mobile device and communicated with any colleague in any other location at the click of a button. By empowering your colleagues across hierarchies with access to data visualizations, you facilitate teamwork and informed, data-driven decision making. Employees from different departments will be able to pull out key insights that matter for their area of expertise and that otherwise may have stayed hidden in your large numerical datasets.

Moreover, you can manage your datasets even more effectively thanks to cloud data storage service also offered by datapine. By copying your data into high-speed in-memory data warehouse, you can unburden your database server and speed up your work.However, it is optional so you can alsoretain your data in-house and maintain the privacy standards you prefer.

datapine offers three pricing packages. You can choose the option that fits best your young start-up or small or medium business. The prices and features vary depending on how many users and databases you want to involve. However, you can always expect the freedom to create an unlimited number of dashboards, report and share dashboards with chosen team members and support fromdatapine consultants.

Flexibility, mobility and clarity – those attributes come to my mind after reviewing datapine. The tool is definitely a reliable support in reporting, presenting data and cross-team decision-making. There is one more reason it’s worthy of your attention – for 14 day you can try it for free with no bank account details required.